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    “If the Dept of defense really wants a further option, let’s have a voluntary registration, where qualified men and women can sign up for call-up in times of national emergency and designate whether they would be willing to serve in combat or noncombat roles.”



    Draft the illegal immigrants!
    Pathway to citizenship!
    Men and women 18 and over into special units ala the Peace Corp!?
    Privilege of USA comes with an obligation to serve a worthy purpose!


    From two cultists that talk about serving but never served.

    typical ignorant commentary


    Strip the ball!😏


    Cultest Jack? WTH are you talking about?

    You’re the cultist. You’re  the one that enjoys the boot on your throat.


    You  non veterans need to shut yer piehole about the military.

    you don’t know jackshite


    Would you take the opinion of a 24 year Army careerist that currently holds the rank of Command Sergeant Major?


    Not if it’s you Fanin


    It’s not me, but it is a very close relative of mine.  Still serving, by the way.  Multiple deployments going back to Bosnia and on into Iraq and Afghanistan with some stops in Germany and one posting at the White House comm center.  My posts regarding things military are almost always based upon feedback from my relative.


    Women are enlisting so making them register for the draft is a good thing.

    women in yer beloved Israel have mandatory service.

    2 year mandatory service for every person that turns 18 and it can be non military.

    uhh record military spending and readiness is questioned?

    that woul be on your Sgt Major and the command staff and has nothing to do with draftees or enlisted.


    I know its a month old but I served for 24 yrs. Never had an issue with women in the military however, that became politicized during the Obama administration pushing the Rangers and SF to accept women. Standards were lowered, recycles had no limits. Women do serve in combat MOS’s and do well but there are some jobs very few women are able to succeed in. Draft? Of course draft them. They have the benefits of this country and serving should be required. All in all, women can and will fight but leave the politics and social experiments out of it. And yep, draft them.


    Well said Rangerable.  Well said.  Draft women. But NEVER EVER lower the standards in any area.  Standards are there for a reason.  If any man or woman can meet those standards they should be rewarded for their accomplishment.  Just because there are no women in the Navy Seals doesn’t mean that standards need to be different for women just so we can say it is equal opportunity.


    Standards were not lowered and there are only 2 women Rangers , not sure about SF.

    more like butter bar green berets I would assume


    You are misinformed. Last count was 54. And yes, standards did get manipulated. Oversight on that social experiment allowed the number of recycles to increase facilitating completion, no go’s given by cadre changed to go’s and peer reports changed to allow progression. The Regiment and RASP has maintained the standards thus far but Ranger School became a political chew toy. Check the facts not the propaganda.


    Jack, if you knew what you were talking about we could have a decent conversation …… but you don’t.  Go back to your room and let the adults talk.


    Those 54 could out man both of you fellers.

    link for program weakening?

    recycling happens Army wide.


    Great comeback, Jack. 🙄


    Jack, Go To Your Room.  The adults are talking.


    Fact is the Army does plenty of recycling.

    they did it 50 yrs ago.

    I doubt yer claimed Ranger status.

    give yer unit and date of Ranger completion.

    no need to be intimidated by a few women warriors


    1st/75th, grad 7-76. A host of other units and retired in 2000. Don’t care if you doubt my creds nor do I have issues with women in the military. Good idea to ask legitimate questions rather than assume your opinion is fact. Which in this case it isn’t. You do that a lot, don’t you, Jack?

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