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    I miss those days when we had real rivalries. Pitt was the best but we had Penn State, To some degree Boston College we were the only school Doug Flutie never beat. Hope we can develop a rivalry with some of the new schools like Cincinnati. So many great rivalries tomorrow. Michigan, OSU, Sooners snd Cowboys, Arizona at Arizona State ( Go Devils) repeat you 70-7 win last year. I do miss our Pitt Rivalry.


    The Black Diamond Trophy, Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy, Backyard Brawl, the Old Big East had some epic rivalries for WVU and the Big 12 really has not translated to any one team major rivalry from WVU.



    Yea it’s kinda sad


    I’d say the closest thing to a rivalry we have in the B12 is OK State or maybe Iowa State.


    Cincy and UCF will turn into our rivals.


    Awesome to see The Ohio State University fall by the wayside


    VT just took down UVA.  29-24.


    With Bama squeezing by Auburn in 4OT’s, if they get taken to the woodshed by UGA in the title game are they still in the top 4?

    Could it be UGA, Cindy, Domers, Meatchicken?  Could OKSt squeek in over one of them?  IMO this is the top 5.


    OKSt over OU.  OKSt vs Bay in the B12 title game.


    Ok St has had a quietly sensational season. With a win over Baylor and a few things break the right way, they could sneak in.

    After watching some of the big boys either struggle or go down yesterday.I think they have a punchers chance at winning it all.


    Defense is good enough but their QB will need to pay a much cleaner game for a Hail Mary shot against UGA.  That defense is tiers above OU


    Butlereer I think The Bear Cats will be our biggest rivalry. Close enough  to each that can carry a crowd with each other.


    I don’t think the next iteration of conferences will last long enough for us to even develop a decent rivalry.  I expect major change within the next 10 years


    Could be Vulash but then again who knows. I do see conference like the Big 12 growing. Will we see a rivalry like use to be between us and Pitt probably not


    Ok St win, Michigan over Ohio St.  WV basketball win.  Soccer win. Women lost to BYU, but it was another good weekend in my house.


    Why would UCF ever be our rival?

    Rivalry games are borne out of closeness and longevity

    It will take 30-40 years for any team we are currently playing before we care about them, and they care about us to be considered any sort of rivals

    It’s why we would jump at the ACC despite the fact that it’s not a better league than the B12

    We have no regional rival in conference. UC may become that. But not while anyone is playing that has been born yet.



    No matter what nobody and I mean nobody will Equal Army Navy


    Go Navy Beat Army


    Not all rivalries are regional.  Notre Dame / USC.   Notre Dame / Navy.  Kentucky / Florida.  BC / Clemson.   BC / Notre Dame


    Every one of those rivalries was decades in the making

    And nobody at Clemson gives a rats ass about BC



    BC Notre Dame is Catholic bragging rights

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