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    RR has fallen From WVU to Michigan then Arizona now the Sun Belt ULM.


    Thought he might have been able to snag an assistant job at a bit higher level, but he is a coordinator there. Plus, the Sun Belt had three really good teams this year. Better than the MAC, and probably CUSA.

    Also note that Clint Trickett has been hired at ULM.


    You have to start rebuilding your career somewhere. Louisiana Monroe not the best or worst place to do that. With Terry Bowden and Trickett and Rich this could be a pretty powerful coaching staff. It’s in their blood and the family’s blood.


    He won’t retire from ULM.  I’d expect he’ll coach at several more schools before that happens.  The question is, will he get the HC position again???


    Good question, and of course the one that he’s most concerned with. I would think it would take a couple of stable years at ULM – no controversies or accusations, and some success for the offense there. It also might help if he didn’t spin false narratives.


    Kevin – Reading your comment about false narratives, I have to wonder if you recently watched Pat McAfee’s podcast where RichRod was a guest.  He said that if the administration had followed through on the previous year’s promises and not told him “we’ve done all we can do” in response to his one little request of a $50,000 increase in the salary pool for his assistants, he’d never have left.  Is that the false narrative you’re referring to?


    That’s a false one


    Yes it is, but only the most recent one.


    Will be interesting to see where Pat White lands. Could ULM become a haven for former WVU players turned coaches?

    Saw where Keith Tandy is now coaching for the Buccaneers. Here are the others, as compiled by myself and Greg Hunter:

    Curt Cignetti (James Madison, head coach)
    Damon Cogdell (Alabama State, linebackers)
    Chris Haering (Wisconsin, special teams coordinator)
    Doc Holliday (Marshall, currently unemployed)
    Garin Justice (Miami, offensive line)
    Pat White (USF, currently unemployed)
    Anthony Leonard (Indiana PA, defensive line)
    Shawn Lutz (Slippery Rock, head coach)
    Jules Montinar (USF, cornerbacks)
    John Pennington (WV State, head coach)
    JaJuan Seider (Penn State, running backs)
    George Shehl (WV State, defensive coordinator)
    Ryan Stanchek (Southern Miss, offensive line)
    Brandon Tate (West Liberty, tight ends)
    Dale Williams (Purdue, offensive line)
    Quincy Wilson (WV State, running backs)
    Reed Williams (WV State, LB coach)


    RR needs to earn a living, I give him that.  And everyone turns narratives to their benefit to some degree.  I hope he gets another shot, just not at WV


    There’s a difference between “turning a narrative” and outright falsehoods.

    Herb Hand was at Texas, don’t know if he will be retained.



    Southern Conference may have 3 pretty good teams in Louisiana, Coastal Carolina and Appy State, but RR going with ULM?  ULM was one of the worst teams in all D1 at 0-10.

    Other 0 win teams, Vandy, Arizona, UNLV, NIU, Bowling Green, FIU, Kansas.

    You would have thought he would have landed in a much higher program.


    If RR would have kept his thinking to the big head he may have still been in AZ.  Although on the hot seat, he had that program at least in  position to move up in the P10.  Arizona imploded each of the next 3 years with Sumlin in charge.  This year they finally hit bottom.  Can’t blame this on COVID.  This is a true dumpster fire.

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