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    at this stage any back could get 60 carries and not get to 100 yards but given Brown’s comments let’s play who carries the load.

    Sinkfield – 12 carries, 6 pass targets

    Brown – 10 carries

    McKoy – 5 carries, 4 pass targets

    Peetaway – 5 carries, 3 pass targets

    I said it after week one and feel it more strongly after week 2. Pettaway and McKoy are not running as hard or as well as they have in past years. Both more straight up and down and tentative. Not 100% their fault but sheesh, talk about a team that needs that extra yard or two on each and every play!!!!’


    Sink may get a couple more chances, but I think the pass targets are high for all.

    I agree that the backs haven’t run as hard as I thought they would. But Sinkfield isn’t built to be a power back – elusiveness is his game. That said, 12-15 carries isn’t too much, but no one is going to break double digts unless the run game has some success, becasue there won’t be enough plays.


    Leopards don’t change their spots.  Having seen McKoy and Pettaway for a couple of years now, I can only attribute what Mex correctly points out to the fact that they are literally searching for even a crease, let alone a hole, in which to run.  Neither of these guys have changed, they’re just not even seeing a glimmer of daylight in which to run.



    I would typically agree with your assessment but…

    1. Nothing doing up the middle

    2. Not much time for receivers to run their routes (get open)

    That calls for some edge/outside runs (Sinkfield) along with screens and swing passes to the backs… they have to do something to clean up the box and slow the rush. Blocking would be a nice answer but I’m afraid we’ll have to try to do so primarily with play calls.

    I would expect to see a few misdirection/fakes where we load a side to give every appearance of a bubble screen type play only to come back to the lone receiver (back, TE, receiver) on the short side. Getting a guy the ball in a one on one situation would be a coup for this offense.

    You can’t win the race with a bunch of plays like that but maybe you at least get the engine started.


    Agreed that WVU has to try to scheme some things open. WVU has run several such screens and wide, but I haven’t counted them. Will do that for the film room this week.

    HCNB said he thought the RBs had been tentative and that while holes weren’t prevalent, there were some instances when 3-4 yard gains were available.


    No doubt about Brown’s comment. Pettaway and McKoy look nothing like they did in 2018 in terms of running style, effort, pad level.


    The RB’s are being forced to the outside where their weakness is exposed. Lack of speed to the corner. If they see a crease they’re over thinking it and usually miss the chance to hit it. If they think to long then their hit in the backfield. I still say if the QB would pull the ball back out he could run for 10 yards easily. Nobody is even focused on the QB at all because they believe he’s no threat to run it.


    Until WVU blocks someone, anyone, on every play, the RBs, the QB, the receivers are all running uphill into the wind. THAT is the problem. Fix the blocking and suddenly rushers look better, QB looks better, receivers look better. It’s the blocking, or lack thereof! Period. It all starts there. If WVU blocks adequately (not even brilliantly) then runners, QB and receivers will look like the light bulb went off in their heads. Hopefully, NC State is young enough and 2-0 against James Madison or lesser competitition, so that’s the only glimmer I can see for Saturday. Pray that I am right. Or else it will be another LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG day! I’ll be in Section 105 praying and cheering. As usual.

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