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    As of today with the 20 SR’s leaving, we have 56 or 57 total schollies on the team. If we don’t lose any more we will end up 5 or 6 shy of the 85 total. Seriously doubt that all of those 56 or 57 players return next year. Every year we lose a few that we don’t expect to lose.

    Add in the 23 schollies for this year we will have 5-6+ spots open for walk ons to get a schollie. Thoughts on who is deserving?


    Any potential inbounds off the portal that anyone knows of?


    I like the portal rule but ncaa needs to let inbounds (up to your # of outbounds) cancel each other out on the scholarship count


    Welp. Add 1 CB to the commit list. Subtract 1 RB.


    Do they scramble to pick up another back?


    WVU will take an RB in this class. Whether one comes on board in the early signing period, that will be playing out this week.

    Some of the scholarships for walk-ons will depend on how they do in spring, and even in summer and fall. If players make moves toward playing time, that means a lot.

    If one of the punters or kickers challenges Staley or McGhee, then that’s a potential.

    Jackson Knipper maybe, but that’s if Thimons doesn’t return and if WVU uses a FB more than it did this year, and he shows he can play.

    Whoever wins the long snapping job.

    DB Naim Muhammad was on an upward arc at the end of the year – had a couple of ST tackles.


    In FBS alone, there have been more than 600 portal entries this year.


    This is concerning that we can identify only a few walk ons that may deserve a schollie when we have now 7+ openings after we sigh a full class and prolly more to come as kids leave via the portal or otherwise.

    I’ve been an avid supporter of Holgs over his term here. But lifting the covers we now find out there is a lot we in the general fandom have not been privy to. Thank God that we didn’t have to go thru another year of Dana hiding under the covers. It could have been much worse.


    There are many teams, I am sure, that didn’t have 85 on scholarship this year, and won’t next year either. That doesn’t mean you don’t try to get there, and I’m not saying it’s ok just because the same problems affect most other schools.

    For instance, K-State had 75 on scholly this year according to one source.

    I could have thrown out 15 names, but that wouldn’t be an honest thing to do. Heck, there are 10-15 players on the developmental squad as walk-ons that aren’t even listed on WVU’s official roster. Could be a hidden gem or two there.

    I probably should have included Drew Joseph – could see him making a push for some special teams action this year, like Dante Bonamico a couple of years ago.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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