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    The limit on how many football recruits can be brought in on scholarship per class obviously limits our ability to back-fill for all those who have transferred out.

    Are there limits on how many walk-on players can be awarded scholarships, or how long they have to be in the program before being awarded a scholarship?  Or, when a scholarship is awarded to a former walk-on, does that player then count to the total recruit numbers for that year’s class?

    I’m just wondering if having a recruit come in as a (wink-and-a-nod) “Walk-On” and then immediately awarding them a scholarship is a possibility.  It seems its going to take some serious creativity to ever max out the roster with scholarship players with all the attrition.


    There is no limit to how many walk-ons can get scholarship, as long as the total number of scholarships doesn’t exceed 85.

    But a walk-on who has been with the program less than two years and is given a scholarship, that scholarship counts towards the current class limit of 25. After two years, that walk-on can go on scholarship without counting toward any particular class limit of 25.


    Thanks for the explanation Greg.  I figured there had to be a rule like that to keep programs from cheating the system but had never seen it discussed.



    Is there a way you can update the roster or scholarship count tab to include 1. the year they were recruited? LOI or Transfer year?  and 2. if they were originally a walk on and the year the schollie awarded?  No other site has anything like this.


    If you click on any player’s name on that page, you will see the recruiting class they were in.

    For the walk-on/scholarship notation, I will need to include that in their player notes. I’ll try to work on getting those updated.


    Good stuff.  Here’s another tidbit:  Under NCAA football rules in place,  a college football team is limited to no more than 105 players during the offseason. During the football season, no regulated limit exists.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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