September 11, 1982….Where were you?

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    The Saturdays of my youth were always spent in the backyard listening to Jack and Woody while throwing football with my Father.  Needless to say they contain treasured memories and decades and generations of fabulous Mountaineer players and games both that I experienced and ones like Sam Huff and Freddie Wyant that my Dad has told me about in great detail.

    On that particular Saturday my Dad had to work, so my backyard listening was solo and my receiver/quarterback was the clothesline.

    I won’t recap the game knowing that any of you that were old enough to have experienced it pretty much has every play and detail memorized.  Yet, what I do wish to share is that within moments of the game ending my best friend showed up on my porch and there was lots of high fives and screaming and yelling.  Absolute euphoria.  Within minutes we are on our way to our High School’s field where a whole bunch of us chose up sides and proceeded to beat the living crap out of each other.

    We were all so hyped that day.  There were lost teeth, way too many cuts and bruises to remember and one broken leg to go along with the multiple ankles and wrists that were no doubt sprained.  Heck our concussion protocol consisted of somebody looking at you and saying, “Man you sure got your bell rung on that one.”  And I have no doubt there were a few of those that day as well.

    So forgive me for reminiscing but that was and is a day I will never forget.  Good times.  Besides, when is the last time you saw a bunch of High School kids playing a pick up game of football and one of them says, “Check me out, I’m Cam Zopp!”

    We are probably far too outmanned and injured for it to happen this saturday, but this new fella we call Neal Brown sure reminds me a lot of our Coach back then.  He had only been on the job a couple of years or so.  Yep, that Nehlen fella.


    I was in the WVU Coliseum watching the game on a closed circuit TV feed that looked like it was bounced off a Russian sattelite over Vladivostok.

    Remember they called Hoss ‘Jeff Holsopple from Hosteler, Pennsylvania’,  and Brad Minetree (who recovered a fumble IIRC) was IDed as Dirk Minnefield, who was actualy a guard on the Kentucky basketball team.

    But the memories are the same.  When WVU got the TD at halftime to take the lead, the place was bedlam. There was a dogpile in one corner, and then when everyone recovered we all looked around, stunned. Holy crap, we’re beating Oklahoma!


    As with most Saturdays I finished a morning round of golf at the venerable Worthington Golf Club then sat around the clubhouse listening to the game.

    The guy I played with were all much older and one noted that being down 14-0 after the first quarter wasn’t that bad against such a great team. I, 13 at the time, looked at him incredulously and said “you do understand that we are on pace to lose 56-0 right?” Probably not good for a snot nosed little kid to say to an adult. Oh well.

    The remember jut being shocked at how it unfolded and then getting to watch it on delay late that night.

    Listening to a game like that with Jack and Woody was about as good as it gets.


    Like Kevin, I was a student at WVU at the time and watching the game via the close-circuit feed at the Coliseum. I was sitting amongst friends and we were by a group of recently graduated Mountaineer football players on the Coliseum floor, and it was a wild scene throughout the entire game. Kevin must have had better seats than me (he always was among the first in line to get in to any athletic even), because I don’t remember hearing anything but the screams and cheers from the likes of Eldridge (The Human Thumb) Dixon and Cedric Thomas and the thousands of others in the Coliseum.


    My wife and I were at the coliseum as well, but we had to miss the Maryland game the next Saturday because we were getting married in Salisbury Pa on the 18th.


    Wow!  Sophomore year,  I was in Sunnyside and fortunately not arrested

    after bouncing around from Mutts, College Inn, Dr Johns etc… throughout game.

    The aftermath of that Win remains a vivid memory!!!

    Mex, Worthington GC now that is a blast from past.


    I took my 9 year old son and my brother and a good friend & watched on CC at the Charleston Civic Center. My friend had bet on Oklahoma so his enthusiasm didn’t quite match up to the rest of our group but it was a lasting memory. I remember Switzer’s interview after the game, he stated that if anyone had said that they(OU) would not turn the ball over, he couldn’t imagine ever losing that game.


    I was 9 haha.


    I was in the Army stationed in Denver. Had to listen to it on the Oklahoma radio network.  To say  they were bland is overstating it. They didn’t get excited over anything. I knew at that point what a joy Jack and Woody were to listen too! I knew Jack would  be excited. Their announcers almost put me to sleep. It was a great game despite the announcers.


    Sophomore at Fairmont State watching a home game. They kept us updated by announcing the score at the game. Afterwards, headed to Morgantown to celebrate with Kevin and friends.


    I was 6 years old


    Nicky, my parents watched the feed at the Civic Center in Charleston too.

    Also headed, like many of you, to Sunnyside after the game.  That was epic.


    I was their also watching WVU Beat the Sooners,it was Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I was living in Illinois just across the river from St. Louis at that time working for BP.  A buddy of mine that was one of my coaches on the American Legion baseball team I managed was my partner in a little off the radar sports book I ran for grins and extra income.  All week we had a ton of bets coming in on the OU-WVU game spotting WVU the points. So much in fact that my buddy was freaking out. Like me he had 2 youngsters & wife to feed, so we were thinking we were screwed. I called the dad of one of our ball players who was also a coworker of mine at BP a St. Louis native and asked if he knew any bookies in St. Louis that I could lay off some of my bets.  Thank God he was able to hook me up.  So, I laid off about 90% of my action on the game and wanting to show him respect for taking my action, I put $250 of my own money on WVU and took the points figuring I’d be giving him the money for services rendered. Out there I had no way to watch it live and was glued to the tube at a local watering hole with a couple alums that lived out there watching for updates on the crawler. We all know the outcome.  Sweetest bet I ever won.  That St. Louis bookie said I was welcome to lay off on him anytime, but he didn’t want another single “charity” bet from me ever.  I never was able to convince him that I didn’t “know” something beforehand. 😁


    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!!!


    I was in the Colesium with several friends!


    I tuned into Woody and Jack early and listened to them get behind, then had to go to work at Black’s Foodland in Danville,WV.  My friend drove by to tell me they had taken the lead.  I spent a lot of time listening to various car radioes in the second half.  Then went home and watched the tape delay.  Great victory.


    Unfortunately I was working most weekends at that time.  But I do remember a few customers knowing that I was a WVU grad telling me about the game.


    I was 13 yrs old and listening to it on the radio.   I remember watching the TV replay and they kept talking about Coach Nehlen but the camera was showing assistant coach Dennis Brown (I think) on the sideline.  They also referred to WVU as the Miners at least once.




    It was Dennis Brown, IIRC.

    Once, the announcer started to say “Miners,” then caught himself. It came out “Min-t’neers.”

    My fiancee (we would be married two weeks later) and I were at Shepherd, watching them blow a game to California (Pa.) and listening to Jack and Woody on the radio.  The Rams’ late-game collapse coincided with the wild sequence at the end of the first half that put WVU ahead. People couldn’t figure out why we were cheering (As it turned out, Shepherd would later be awarded the win via forfeit).

    ESPN replayed the game in prime time on Sunday night (the Worldwide Leader didn’t get the rights to show live games until the following year), and re-aired it numerous times in the next couple of days. I probably watched at least some of every rebroadcast.





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