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    Analysis(?) in picking the best football team in each state. An edge?

    West Virginia: Part of me wishes West Virginia and Marshall would play again so we could settle this cleanly. Instead, we have to lean on the fact that while both teams finished with identical 7-5 regular season records a year ago, the Mountaineers had a significantly harder schedule. Add in that the ‘Eers have a lethal quarterback-receiver combo in Will Grier and David Sills, and West Virginia gets the edge. — Ben Kercheval


    The edge as in “just a bit outside” in Major League.


    A pug and a germane shepherd are both dogs, so in that way they are close, but they aren’t really the same kind of animal, kind of like Marshall and WV are close because they both football teams, but the use of edge by Kercheval implies a closeness that just doesn’t exist.


    WVU and the team in Huntington are close only in that we are in the same state.

    Program wise it isn’t even close.


    WVU is 12-0 against Marshall with the average score being 43-14. How can this even be a serious discussion? Hell, even Randy Moss couldn’t beat WVU.


    We even tried to give a game away under Bill’s reign. Somehow they gave it back to us.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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