Should Horns Down be a penalty? Why or why not?

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    Should Horns Down be a penalty? Give your answer below and be entered into our drawing. We’ll be giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the TCU @ WVU game on November 10th. Winners will be drawn and notified Friday evening. You must be registered and logged in to comment. If you aren’t yet registered, register for free here. If you need to login, do so here.


    Absolutely not. There is nothing offensive about the gesture itself. I mean it’s not like grabbing your crotch or flipping someone off. I would love to hear what exactly is offensive about it.


    As much as I dislike trash talking, it should not be a penalty. There’s a difference between this and in-your-face belittlement.

    If this is a penalty, then so too should other fans and players signing Country Roads after they defeat WVU.


    Texas tough doesn’t mean much if it’s a penalty. Why does one team in the whole conference get a penalty all to itself?


    Not sure exactly what the meaning or intent is of
    The sign but it sure has had an ill effect on the
    team! Friends and relatives around the country view
    it as bush! Act like you’ve been there! And are going
    to be there again!! Tommorrow!!


    They act like horns down is mocking them. Well, then horns up after a TD is mocking the opponent. They call it a celebration but not enough for a penalty? Give me a break you TX snowflakes.
    Same with guns up TT, and they act like they are shooting when they make a TD it’s not a penalty. It’s a celebration. Is it a penalty if we do the guns up and shooting after we score a TD in a TT game?

    If it’s a penalty for the opponent, it should also be a penalty for UT and TT because their “celebration gesture” should be a penalty. You can call it mocking the opponent either way.


    It reminds me somewhat of the Kay Jay Harris crossed arms celebration. We were flagged countless times that year for it and it almost felt like officials were anticipating it.

    I definitely don’t think it should be a penalty but at the same time, there should never be multiple penalties for it in the same game. After the first one the coaches on the sideline should reinforce to the players that they are calling it.


    I’m in Kevin’s camp. I dislike trash talking but this is not worth a penalty. Too many other things are penalty worthy that don’t get called.


    No penalty. But there is no need to taunt the other teams players and fans. Unless it is eat sh*t Pitt.

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