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    Former WVU wide receiver Marcus Simms was not selected in the NFL supplemental draft, but he was not alone.

    Only one player, Washington State’s Jalen Thompson, was selected, going in the fifth round to the Arizona Cardinals.

    That makes Simms available to any league team as a free agent.


    New reports indicate Simms may sign a free agent deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars


    Should have stayed in school.


    Did he have a choice?

    Thought I heard that he was one of those caught up in the University Policy issue.


    His choice was not to do the right thing.


    True, but he did not have the choice to stay at WVU.


    Simms is an NFL talent.

    He lacked the discipline to stay in school.

    Likely, he assumes he’s “free” from such nuisance and Can just showcase his physical talents that are significant.

    Marcus is about to be smacked in the mouth unlike he ever imagined possible.

    The real world makes the “hassle” of college seem like a party.

    Best of luck to him. Should he grow up in time his abilities will make him a wealthy young man. If not, he will be lost in a heartless world.


    Mex nailed it.  WVU make the final choice.  Simms choice was made months ago.  Could have, Should have, Woudl have made the choice to do the right things to stay in school months ago.  Hope he does grow up and make it at the next level ….. what ever that next level in live may be for him.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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