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    So in the spirit of TEAM sports, at all levels, the names of
    players are left off the uniforms!
    Then explain the reason for still keeping individual stats
    for these players?

    Slow day!


    No NCAA regulation requires that names appear on the back of  jerseys. The decision is up to the college, but most college athletic directors leave the decision to the coaches. Notre Dame coaches Ara Parseghian, Charlie Weis and Brian Kelly allowed the jersey names during bowl games, but not during the regular season.

    One probable reason for omitting jersey names is tradition. The custom did not begin with college teams, and some colleges, such as Notre Dame and Penn State, want to keep the traditions of the past alive. Notre Dame did adopt jersey names during the 1987 football season, but then reversed the decision. Most Division I colleges have their players’ names on their jerseys.

    Most Division I colleges have a budget that enables them to replace jerseys regularly, but many smaller colleges use the same uniforms for several years before purchasing new ones. These smaller colleges cannot afford to change the names on the jerseys each year. Adding and removing names repeatedly makes the uniform deteriorate more quickly.It

    It is partly a result of the Ed O’Bannon case, which explicitly challenged colleges’ right to make money off players’ images without compensation. On Friday, a federal appeals court temporarily stayed a ruling that declared that N.C.A.A. rules banning such compensation were a violation of antitrust laws.

    An article from 2015…


    Great thoughts, Allen.

    I’d add that with trends more and more toward individuals, names are going to stay. That’s not to say that some teams can’t come together and put the group first, but it’s all a part of society. People put things on social media today that would have been a major embarrassment or a family scandal 30 or 40 years ago.

    Like all new things, some of it is ok, but some of it pushes the pendulum too far in one direction, IMO.

    I don’t see it as a big problem – there are still teams — like this year’s baseball team — that are really tight, like each other and hang together no matter what. It was fun being one of the very few media outlets that covered them all year, including some road games.

    The team still lives – it’s just that the individual and things besides the actual games get more coverage these days.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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