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    What’s so magic about 6 wins for a bowl invitation!
    And especially since a six win season for one team is not
    equal to one for another!? If every team’s schedule was
    equal in strength then it might make some sense! It also
    doesn’t make sense that just because a team, maybe thru
    a weaker schedule, gets the advantage of extra practices
    and a head start on next year!?
    How about just leaving it up to a decision between a team,
    whatever their record, and a bowl willing to take them?
    Open market!
    The American way!!!!


    Very Zen of you Tony!

    Trying to make quantifiable judgements on schedules is very difficult, though. Sure, WVU’s non-con schedule was way better than Baylor’s, but many of those comparisons are much more close.

    However, having an achievement ground floor makes sense to me. For example, you can’t enroll in college without a HS or GED. Should any college take anyone they want, even ones that have demonstrated they can’t do the work?

    Also, I’d point out that the name schools would then go to a bowl every year, and some deserving teams (say, for instance, a 9-3 C-USA or Sun Belt team) might be left out.

    On the extra practices: HCNB kind of hinted about this in a recent press conference. I got the feeling that there might be a movement afoot to allow teams that don’t make bowls to have some practices or more skill development than is currently allowed in the offseason. Or, at least, that he would support that.


    How about this you need to win twice as many games as you lose to play in a bowl. Better still do
    away with the bowl system and have playoffs like FCS..divison II..III and NAIA. Also NO conference
    championships. Don’t you think these STUDENT ATHLETES have had enough fun after 12 games…really!!


    6W’s is not always equal to 6W’s. But there has to be a guideline and 6 is the guideline. Bar that, the SEC would have 14 teams in bowl games because their fan base because of proximity to the bowl sites will support the games.


    I’m glad WV plays 11 big teams and may not always make a bowl. Who wants to play in the Gaspirilla Poulens Bahamas Weed Eater Tax Slayer Bowl sponsored by Natty Lite any way?


    I think just about every team, except those in the CFP, would be very happy with a spot in the Tax Slayer Bowl.

    That said, I know I’m in the minority that likes bowl games ad likes the trips and surrounding activities.

    One other note – the vast majority of players love the chance to play as many games as they can. They put in so many hours of work, the games are the reward. While there are a few that will skip the bowl game due to their potential pro careers, there aren’t many who will do so. I’ve asked players about this many times over the years, and none of them ever expressed the desire to have fewer games.


    Don’t keep track of this but did the B12 and other conferences meet their bowl commitments  this year? Not sure but didn’t the B12 have 7 bowls?



    The B12 has contracts with the New Year’s Six (typically the Sugar) and six other bowls, for a total of seven.

    Because OU made the playoffs, Baylor moved up to the Sugar, which opened up an additional spot. With only six bowl-eligible teams B12 couldn’t meet its commitments to the Cheez-It (Cactus) and SERVPRO First Responder bowls. Air Force took the B12’s spot in the Cactus and two at-large teams (W. Ky. and W. Mich.) are going to the SERVPRO because the AAC — with Memphis getting a New Year’s Six bid — had no available teams, either.


    CCTeam…… We would take ANY bowl invite. It’s not just for the fans. Those extra practices mean more to the underclassmen than anything. Welp….. not more than the bag of goodies from the bowl, but you know what I mean.


    I agree, wouldn’t turn one down, my point was I like WV’s scheduling philosophy and wouldn’t want it to change just to make it more likely that they will go bowling. WV could have scheduled a buy in game instead of Missouri this year for example. They would have been bowl eligible, but I prefer scheduling a better regular season schedule.


    Kevin, I’m with you. I’ll watch every bowl game that I possibly can….I don’t care what teams are playing. I guess 6 wins is a marketing threshold…bowl sponsors don’t want their name associated with losing teams, mostly….I guess. I am 100% opposed to the playoff system…..I don’t see any way that the college game – the greatest game in the world – benefits. I know that it’s here to stay but the bowl system did more for college football than the playoff system ever will. If human bias were removed from the selection process I could at least stomach the games. This year the selections were easy, the only mystery was the seeding order. Conference championship games are a complete farce….they mean nothing 95% of the time. Conference champions ONLY should be the criteria for ANY playoff system.


    Nicky, if the criteria is a CCG W, then how do you manage the CFP’s with Independents and G5’s? If it is expanded how do you say what conference, P5 or G5 or Independent is picked ….. or not?
    Expand to 8? 5 P5’s? who gets the other 3? 2 G5’s … which ones? and an Indy? What if 2 indy’s are in the top 8 or 10 or ahead of a few G5 CCG winners? Independent programs (Notre Dame, BYU) can really screw things up if you require CCG Winner only.


    BYU AND UND must be a Con.Champ to quality……JOIN A CONFERENCE !!!! The NCAA has kissed und’s butt long enough… football can survive without them. Logistics would have to be worked out but being a CChamp should carry more weight than brand. Any selection process that has humans involved in the selection process is biased. The P5 designation is just 1 example of the bias. ALL member institutions should have a place at the table…the only criteria is conference membership.


    Cut the bowl games by half. There is no way some of these teams make money but only the sponsor makes the cash. Mostly from free pub.


    If you don’t like the bowls…..don’t watch. I will watch all that I’m able.

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