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    College football’s most overrated coach is…


    when it was 28-7 I thought I would love to see it happen again, to someone else this time.  But I thought there is no way they can look that good and not be at least equal to or somewhat superior for the rest of the game.  31-3 the rest of the way.  it was Deja Vu all over again.


    something else to think about.  how many time outs did Dana have at the end of the game?  maybe using one after the trick play, just to make sure the defense was calmed down and ready to defend, might have been a good idea.  but he never did know how to use TO very well.


    He keeps talking about rebuilding but how many times will he have a QB like King? Following the pattern of his career, he inherited him.


    When they went up by 21, my wife said to me, “you know Dana will find a way to screw this up”….we both laughed, knowing that it was as much a possibility as it was hilarious.



    The Green Wave has washed Holgorsen up upon the shore.


    I know it is unseemly to gloat, but suffice it to say, I am much more comfortable with where our program is headed today than I was at this time last year.


    And Pedro, we should NOT lose sight of your very perceptive insight when we have other set backs this year.  I like the motto, trust the climb.  Shane Lyons went out and found what certainly appears to be the right guy and if he does nothing else in his tenure, he certainly should be credited for this selection.

    P.S.  Madrev, my wife and yours must have much in common.  Mine looked at me right after Tulane scored the first TD in the 2nd half and said Dana will blow this thing.


    WVFaninMI….obviously we know how to find a good woman!!



    So much for Holgs being the savior in Houston.  1-3 start and he has a number of better teams than Tulane left on the conference schedule.


    Houston better get used to those kind of games.


    His post game press conference lasted one minute.  He basically said, we out-gained them but we got out scored.    Same stuff different school.  Their fans are saying the same stuff we said for the last 8 years!  LOL  good stuff.


    I think we are all of a similar mindset here. Maybe some are rooting harder against Dana than others, but I think everyone can see that WVU has the chance for a much more solid program with Neal Brown.

    Dana is a great x and o guy, and his offensive conceptions are great. But I don’t think he has learned a whole lot about managing a program. Makes you wonder if the stuff against Stew wasn’t manufactured and he actually did a year of training, if DH would have learned anything. Maybe not, given his personality, but watching these games from the outside it sure looks a lot like his early years at WVU.



    While i warmed to DH I always felt he lacked in terms of maturity and leadership abilities which would be rather high on the list of qualities one would look for in a person to lead 100 young men and to run a program with 100s of staff and the requirement to interact with the most successful (egocentric) people in the region.

    That said you have to give the guy credit as he pulled the wool over the eyes of a couple of rather intelligent and successful people in Oliver Luck and Tilman Fertitta.


    My last 2 cents on DH (well, probably not).  I was not in favor of running him off but I certainly lost my enthusiasm for him the longer he was here.  He does not have just one flaw and he has, as noted, some excellent traits/abilities.  But one flaw I think really hurts him is his tendancy to surround himself with people similar to himself instead of people who complement him.  There was a reason so many of our players became really good their junior and senior years.  And it was because they had enough ability to, eventually, overcome the lack of development they received from the coaching staff.  Dana wants to recruit great talent, come up with great game plans, and then put the preparation and games on cruise control.  And it just does not work that way.  I still think we have more talent on this year’s team than is being acknowledged.  But it is going to take the current staff more time than I hoped for to “coach them up”.  A lot of bad habits need to be erased before the good habits can be instilled.


    Madrev – yup, my problem is I wish I had found this one before I found the others I had.  If that had been the case, then there would not have been any others.

    Kevin – Dana “could have” certainly learned a thing or three from Stew, and shame on Luck for caving in to the “noise” and not sticking with his original plan.  Of course, you and I are of like mind in assessing Dana’s likely acceptance or lack thereof of the mentoring.

    Mex – I’m actually more shocked at Tilman having the wool pulled over his eyes, than Luck.  When I lived in Houston back in the 90s, I met him once and was impressed with not only his business savvy, but also his street smarts.  Luck on the other hand is a high achieving intellectual for sure, but his street smarts and people judging skills are just a tiny bit below the register.  With that said, he did do good with hiring Mazey.

    Cinci – Some folks on the team may not be taking the coaching concepts really well if Koenning’s remarks about Campbell and his left handed dig at Tonkery are any example.



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