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    Post what your dream lineup, not what will be, but what you would like to see just because……

    PG – 6’8″ JR, Jermain Haley
    SG – 6’7″ FR, Emmitt Matthews
    SF – 6’8″ SR, Esa Ahmad
    PF – 6’8″ JR, Sagaba Konate
    C – 6’10” FR, Derek Culver

    4*/5* at every position. At least 3, maby 4 or even 5 NBA quality players. Height out the wazoo…..


    I think Bolden will start at least early in the year.


    Love the length on Butler’s lineup.

    This is my guess, based more on getting some experience in there. But can certainly see the “length” lineup at times.



    I think the line up will be in flux till mid season. The experienced players will get a leg up on starting early in the year, but who plays more minutes will be the more important barometer. Huggs has a deeper team than any of his past Mountaineer editions.


    Center 6-8 Sags Konate
    Power Forward 6-8 Esa Ahmad
    Small Forward 6-8 LaMomnt West
    Point Guard 6-8 Jermaine Haley
    Shooting Guard 5-10 Beetle Bolden


    Konate or Culver


    Konate or Culver


    Can’t wait for basketball season; lots of talent at the coliseum next year. I just hope the chemistry is as well.


    This is a great question, and a tough one now that I think about it.

    I think Bolden, Haley in the backcourt, with Harris, Ahmad and Konate (obviously dependent upon his return) in the front court.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if McCabe, Matthews or Knapper are starters in front of Bolden and/or Haley, but I think there will be plenty of minutes for everyone, unlike last year when guys like Jevon Carter just couldn’t come off the court.


    Love the length on Butler’s lineup.

    This is my guess, based more on getting some experience in there. But can certainly see the “length” lineup at times.


    This just demonstrates no matter who starts there is going to be a seriously dangerous “second unit” if you will or perhaps just call it a ton of talent coming off the bench.

    How the gel is another thing but gracious this looks like the most talented and deep team in a long long time.


    You guys…..all of you guys …. have no guts, no vision. All of you played it safe. Go out on the limb an post your dream lineup.
    Here’s my second dream lineup.
    PG – McCabe 5-10
    2G – Knapper 6-0
    2G – Beetle 5-11
    2G – Matthews 6-7
    2G – Haley 6-8

    Matthews and Haley give you enough size to get a few rebounds and Knapper will scrape a few roaming in the baseline. This lineup has 5 ball handlers, 5 PG’s and speed to disrupt any O. Only disadvantage will be if the opponent has a tremendous power game in the paint. This lineup is reminiscent of the 2013/14 and 14/15 teams that played 3 and 4 G’s at a time.




    Brandon Knapper
    Jermaine Haley
    Esa Ahmad
    Wesley Harris
    Sagaba Konate

    1st five off the bench:
    Beetle Bolden (Big 12 sixth man of the year award winner)
    Lamont West
    Derek Culver
    Jordan McCabe
    Emmitt Matthews

    Reserves: Andrew Gordon, Logan Routt, Chase Harler


    Whoever the second 5 is they will probably be the best second five we have ever had


    I think height at PG is overrated. If Jordan McCabe can adequately defend the quicker guards of D1, I think he will be the starting PG.
    Last year, I really did not see a strong PG for WVU in terms of distributing the ball with a high level of passing skills.

    Why Jordan McCabe? The short answer is that he will make everyone around him better.

    1. Basketball IQ of a 30 year old NBA player and incredible handles. Watch him play against Steph Curry in an invitation only camp that Steph had. In all star games against 5 star players, he was not intimidated and was not embarrassed on defense. Listen to Kevin Durant’s evaluation of Jordan as an offensive player.

    2. Tremendous vision and rapid decision-making ability to make the pass in the most efficient manner to take advantage of a brief opening (this may look to some like showboating, but I thought that in many cases, it was the fastest, lowest risk approach to the pass. It’s just that most of us cannot make that pass).

    3. Arguably the best senior 3 point shooter in the nation. He competed in the BallisLife All-American game with the top players in the nation and destroyed them in the 3 point shooting, hitting 12 in a row and getting 22/25 score followed by a 18/25 score. I could be wrong but I think they said it was an all time record for that competition. He also dominated at the Beckley all-star game. Once he was in street clothes in a tournament in FL and someone begged him to enter. So he steps out of the stands and promptly wins the contest. No one at WVU is even close. Only college guy I have seen that was close was West Liberty’s Segar Bonefant, who was the first NCAA player to average over 50% 3pt shooting for a four year career (I read where his practice record was 88/100 3s) and who once hit 6 in a row in an NCAA d2 regional as a freshman off the bench.

    4. With his passing, he will raise the team’s average by 10 points, and Sags is going to feast off his passes.

    If interested, just google the youtube videos to see the games that I mentioned.

    If I were Sags, I would follow Jordan McCabe like a bloodhound. Do every drill he does. Shoot every shot. Practice every move and every pass. That is his path to the first round next year.


    Not sure I’m buying into making Sags a perimeter player. Reminds me of when Stew decided Pat White should be a passer first, runner second. I say Huggs has it right, do what you can do, not what you can’t.


    I’ll be surprised if Knapper doesnt start, I like Bolden coming off the bench. I guess if Knapper doesnt start its a good thing for WVU that someone was good enough to beat him out.








    With Ahmad,Beetle,West,Harris,Mathews coming off the bench.  Three PG. playing the 1,2,and 3 positions would be hard to stop,with Culiver,and Konate.


    I think you nailed it. Platoon great, unselfish  players, deadly 3 pt shooters with great handles, slashers and passers spreading the court and feeding the big guys off the dribble for dunks.  Generally speaking, great shooters are also deadly free throw shooters,  so intentionally fouling toward the end of the game is fruitless. The game is fundamentally changing, where height is not as dominant as it was before, compared to being a complete player.

    Spread the court and there is no help defense or it gets there late which means the opponent is out of position and you generally get fouled.  Press the other team to get turnovers, get more possessions and cause mental and physical fatigue. If you get near or above 40%  3 pt shooting as a team, you are very hard to beat, no matter if the other team occasionally dunks on you. Also, your assist to turnover ratio starts to rise dramatically. Golden State is a prime example; closer to home, West Liberty has been playing this style since 2004. I think it has a solid theoretical foundation based on data analytics.


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