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    Who starts Tues vs Oakland?  Most thought Curry would be starting PG and Gabe at C vs Akron.Many thought one of Sean/Taz would start and a traditional PF/Wing Cottrell/Bridges to round out the lineup.    That didn’t happen.

    Any hints from Huggs office on the starting lineup yet?  Is it the same as Akron?  Cottrell, Bridges, Taz, Sean, Kedy?



    Man with everything going on I completely forgot about Round Ball Starting This coming week. Thanks Butlereer


    Can’t wait to watch this team.  Got to get something out of my $6.99/mo.

    Most interesting to me will be how the PG scenario unfolds.  Not just who starts vs Oakland, but how it develops throughout the year.  Malik?  Kedy? Seth? Kobe?  Who wrangles the starting role starting with the B12 play and where do the two FR land in a developmental role.

    I think this team has potential to go deep in the Dance.  PG development will be the telling tale.


    Right now, just making the tournament would be a good achievement.

    Health of the team is an issue.

    Rebounding is much more of a concern to me at this point.


    Butler, I hope that your assessment of this team is accurate. I’ll drink the kool-aid pitcher dry if it happens.


    Health issues? Are we allowed to know the general category (ie injuries)?


    OK Kevin.  Spill it.  Only issues we’ve been told is Oknokwo with his foot.  We saw Taz with a leg cramp, or that’s what we’ve been told.  Is Seth still out?

    Anything we haven’t been told?

    I’m not too worried about total rebounding.  We don’t have that 1 dominate rebounder but better all around.  Won’t have to worry that much about having to back off because of fouls.   Unlike last year we have bodies.  And that helps out on D in the paint also.   One other point is that these guys can make shots from 1 ft.


    Kevin do you think this team is that weak??? That actually surprised me with saying making the dance would be an accomplishment. Unless it’s just me reading it wrong


    Gabe is not a center. WVU doesn’t really have a true center other than maybe Seny, and the way it plays and runs some of its offense trying to slot people into traditional positions is fruitless, and not accurate. Anyone who lists the players in that way is ignoring the trend of positionless basketball.

    Several players were sick at times in preseason, and that limited them. Curry was in and out with an unspecified issue, but should be ok to go Tues – more from Huggins and players this afternoon. But all of that affected prep time. WIlson missed the exhibition game due to a death in the family.

    I see no evidence of being “better all around” in rebounding. Upon what do you base that?


    It matters little, but my guess would be Kedy, Sean, Jalen, Isaiah and Dimon as starters.  And that’ll probably change as the year goes along.


    Taz off the bench?
    Agree that players are mostly positionless. For conversation sake positions are applied.


    Thought about rebounding will be overall better is we have multiple bigs this year. Last year it was Gabe with limited mins because of fouls and Derek not able to be as aggressive as he wanted because of fouls and nobody to come off the bench behind him. Last year Derek, Seny, Gabe, Jalen. This year add Isiah, Curry and Pauly with a year experience for Seny, Jalen, Gabe and only lose Derek.
    Edit:forgot about Okonkwo and Thweatt.
    Lots of bodies to not have to worry about fouls.


    Rebounding will be key and not because it’s a strength.  Defense is also a question mark.  Should be able to score though.


    Excited for game 1


    Why wouldn’t Taz start tonight?


    How well this team rebounds and executes in transition defense will be the difference maker.

    We know this WVU team can shoot the ball, but how well can they make the other teams miss and not get second chances?

    Let’s GO!


    Taz could well start. Huggs likes to bring scoring off the bench, and if he starts McNeil, Sherman, Bridges and Cottrell, who supplies that?

    Don’t view Taz (or anyone) not starting as a negative. Ofttimes its a strategic decision.

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