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    JoVanni Stewart was entered into the transfer portal, and is now open to be contacted by other schools. He is entering as a graduate transfer, so will be immediately eligible wherever he decides to go.


    Can’t say that was totally unexpected.  Thanks to JoVanni for his contributions and good luck.  No use being negative – this is the new world in college athletics.


    Dang, loved how that guy played. Best of luck young man.


    Best Wishes


    I’m going to probably have an unpopular opinion but, I am more concerned about the players that want to be here instead of a player that chooses to leave after 5 games. I appreciate what he did while he was here, but he is no longer with the team and is unimportant right now.


    Good luck to him.

    Wish he would have stayed but, it’s his choice.  Hope he finds what he is looking for. Now we move on.  Let’s Go MOUNTAINEERS!


    Think he’ll end up at Houston?


    vacation, I understand where you are coming from. I don’t wish him any ill fortune, but I agree that he’s not part of the focus now. We will update on occasion if he joins another team, but after that, I think it ceases to be WVU-newsworthy.

    Now that he’s in the portal and has indicated he can be contacted, it probably won’t take long to see where he goes. Does he fit the defense Houson is running? I am not sure if he can be a straight up strong safety – he didn’t take to that part of the spear responsibilities at WVU as well as I thought he would, although I don’t think he was awful.

    Can he be an LB in the American? Maybe so.

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