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    The thing that stood out to me among all of the noticeable improvements on this team was….TACKLING !! We haven’t seen that kind of take ’em downs for quite a while. It reminded me of the Steve Dunlap units of the past. Great to see.


    I’m very worried about the Kansas running attack, they ran all over BC.  And their qb was very good against bc as well.  Yet they struggled against Indiana State and Coastal Carolina.  Our defense better come prepared to play because it is uncertain which Kansas team will line up against them.


    I think Kansas is showing some fundmental improvements that will last. Don’t know how many wins that translates to.

    Herbert and Williams are excellent, and recall that Herbert ripped WVU for almost 300 yards two years ago. I think he’s better than Williams, TBH.

    Kansas ran more RPOs and more spread agaisnt BC.  Maybe they hadn’t honed it enough yet to put it in large doses in the first two games, or maybe that was Miles being Miles.


    We have to continue to build on our skills to win out there.  Tackling, blocking, ball security, and special teams.  But I agree with Nicky, tackling last week was much improved and gratifying to see.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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