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    are why you should ALWAYS view opinions from national writers and observers wth a huge dose of skepticism and critical analysis. They lack the perpective of those who cover teams daily.

    There are a few exceptions (Fran Fraschilla for one) but many times they are way off:


    Well, our best player CAN pass.  He had 6 assists. I don’t know if he’s a true PG, but when you score 88 against a Top 10 team, your offense is doing something right.  Official stats show 12 turnovers against a very good defensive team.


    Gottlieb is a dweeb.  How about watching the game you comment on?


    Well, when the game plan was to let McBride take over…


    I’m not about to defend Doug Gottlieb, but he was at the WVU Coliseum last night for the West Virginia-Texas Tech game. He didn’t have anything to do with the TV broadcast, so I’m not sure why he was at the Coliseum, but I saw him, and he was there. I asked a WVU athletic department official why Gottlieb was at the game, and even they didn’t know, other than he requested a press pass and was in attendance.


    He and Huggins have had there squabbles in the past


    Gottlieb is a clown


    McBride is not your somewhat outdated ideal dish first point guard, but I just don’t see ow you can watch him play and say he can’t/won’t pass.


    Two things about Gottlieb.  First, he is just not very likeable.  Second, he is just stupid.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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