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    Taz is playing his way into an NBA Draft pick.  He’s handling the ball like a decent PG.  He’s one of our better on ball defenders.  Drives in traffic and stays mostly under control.  He creates his own shot under pressure.   Needs to work a little more on watching for and distributing to the open man and hitting.  If he can hit 3’s like he did today he’s golden.



    But someone needs to step it up so he doesn’t have to score 30 for us to win

    Multiple someones


    It is very impressive how much he has grown as a player in his time at WV. I’d agree that he is working his way into some draft boards. Not sure he’ll get there but he’s on the radar.


    Taz has been great so far this season. I excited to see what he is going to do when we hit conference opponents


    when we get to B12 play and coaches put their best defender on him the whole game things will have to change for Taz.  I’m sure he will handle it well. I’d bet he plays off the ball much more.  Malik and Kobe will step up.


    Jalen Bridges & Sean McNeil had rough shooting nights last night.

    Fortunately Taz was able to drain a lot and Curry was clutch down the stretch.

    McNeil is going to get his games, Taz will too, but I still think Bridges is the key to success for this team.  Getting him going consistently and being a focal part of this team is critical for WVU’s success.



    Taz has a long way to go before he would be ever drafted in the NBA


    Taz accepting some leadership which we need.

    McNeil and Bridges need to be more consistent and reliable.

    Most disappointed with Cottrell thus far… he needs to get better quick


    Taz has a long way to go before he would be ever drafted in the NBA

    That’s what most were saying about Deuce at this time last year.  Lots of games to play.  Taz has not only been the go to guy to score, but has handled the point for many possessions.  He needs to start hitting some 3’s.


    I didn’t see anything in the post about Taz and the NBA


    Gabe is MVP.  Taz has been very good.  McNeil got it done against Clemson.  Bridges is a key.  He has been just ok so far.  Agree on Cottrell.  He plays poor d.  Doesn’t rebound.  Can make a shot if fed the ball where he can step into shot, but that isn’t enough.  He has to get tough fast or his minutes will shrink.  Paulicap and Carrigan will eat his minutes up.  At least they defend a little and rebound


    Willing to give Cottrell time to get into the flow again.  Being out for almost a full year with a serious injury takes a lot out of a player.  You can tell he is still playing tentative.  Don’t hold that against him yet.  He has the athletic ability and size to be a huge factor on this team for a few years to come.


    Curry saved them against EKU.

    McNeil and Bridges have to be better and more consistent.

    Cottrell is really playing significant minutes for the first time due to his injury, so I think we need to give him some more time before we totally write him off. Hoping he comes around and doesn’t end up like Matthews or Esa.

    If Gabe and Kedrian can stay out of foul trouble, it will be key to success for this team.

    I think Gabe, Carrigan and Paulicap combined equal one good center. Same at point, I think Kedrian, Malik and Kobe can equal one good PG.

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