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    CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Notes, observations and more from the first two days of the West Virginia Regional in 2021’s TBT. The Elam Ending, as expected, c
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    Like the addition of Jamel Morris even though he isn’t a WVU Alum. Fairmont State and playing for Mazz is close enough.

    Kevin, did I miss something? Did you give an explanation on why Sags isn’t playing? Plz recap.


    His contract with a Italian pro team prohibits him from playing:

    Contract signing will keep Sagaba Konate from playing for Best Virginia (yahoo.com)


    Devin Ebanks and Daxter Miles must have clauses in their contracts as well that preclude them from playing in TBT.


    Tweeted about this Saturday prior to the game. The contract item was also relayed to me, but no one would go on the record with it, and I had one other person indicate that wasn’t the case. So, still kind of murky, but to be honest I don’t care at this pint. Not the first time there has been conflicting info around him.


    Gary Browne does. Ebanks had prior plans, including his daughter’s birthday, that contributed to keep him out this year.


    Fantastic game last night!  These guys look like a Huggs-coached team; solid underneath with smothering defense. These alum look as good or better than when playing at WVU! Nice to see the support of all the WVU fans also. Thanks Kevin for keeping us up to date on this tournament.


    Kevin, one question about the TBT rules. I know I saw 2 flagrant elbows thrown last night by D2. No calls were made. Do they not have that rule or chose not to enforce it? Thanks for any clarification.


    Last night reffing was completely different from the first game. First game the refs were superb. Last night it got a little out of control.



    It’s announced before every game that NCAA rules are used, other than the Elam Ending, but in reality there are a few other differences, such as four quarters, no one-and-one (teams shoot two FTs after getting in the bonus in each quarter with five team fouls, for example).

    The thinkgs with the elbows should have been called – that rule is there. Although there were two video reviews late in the Team 23-Herd That game, the refs are clearly encouraged to keep the gme moving and not call it too closely.


    Never heard of this tournament till this year. Saw it on ESPN and had to look it up.


    I know this is throwing Sags under the bus but the young man should’ve never agreed to play for BV in the first place and that would have allowed the team to get another player. I read the Yahoo story that said the Dominion Post said a source said he signed a pro contract that prohibited him from playing but it seems as if that a lone that’s used so frequently by news outlets it’s becoming unbelievable.


    The contract, nor the team he signed with, prohibited Sags from playing. That was his decision.


    Some of the Sags minions on TOS seem to say otherwise.  Of course they have always defended all of his moves and supplied excuses for him after he left the team.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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