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    Wish he and Huggs could have worked out their differences. We could have used his scoring this year.


    Team is more important than individual talent. It’s a Geno Smith vs. Pat White thing. Give me Pat White every day and twice on Sunday. It’s an Owen Schmidt thing. Nathan Adrian. Jevon Carter. Teddy couldn’t figure out how to make the sum greater than the parts.


    Without question, Teddy is really good at driving, creating contact and scoring in traffic. Would have been a great help. But ccteam is right. And in this environment, where there are some players who aren’t taking everything to heart or putting in the work that Huggins deems necessary, it just wouldn’t have worked.


    If I were coaching this team, Harris and Beetle would be the only veterans that would see any significant time on the court. I would play the younger guys, take my lumps, and begin to build for the future.

    I anticipate a high attrition rate after this season. Nobody is a lock to return, either by their own choice or Coach Huggins’ choice.

    That being said, I do think Wes Harris, Derek Culver, Jermaine Haley, Jordan McCabe, Beetle Bolden, Emmitt Matthews, Trey Doomes, Logan Routt and Taevon Horton will return next season. But beyond that it’s a crap shoot, IMO.


    I’d add Gordon to that list only because Huggs seems to comment on his athletic ability and raw potential.

    That would leave Knapper, Harler, West, Konate as questions to go along with Esa.  5 schollies open for next year.  2 filled.  Need PG, SG, Wing to go along with McBride and Oscar.

    KMart? Quinones? Mitchell?  Marial is still out there but I think that ship is passed with the OT signing.

    Plenty of JC’s in the top 100 still out there.



    I’ve put a lot of thought into what the above posters just wrote. And I agree, based solely on observation alone–which is not a difficult thing to do. Factor in attitudes and an unwillingness to put in the time and effort it takes for not only a Bob Huggins player, but a player anywhere that wants a player to be a WINNER, and it’s NOT difficult to ascertain.

    There seem to be few players that push themselves, in ANY fashion, to do what it takes to succeed, whether as an individual, or much less, a team player-first kind of guy. And each one of them seems to be waiting for someone else to step into any leadership role whatsoever.

    Konate was THAT guy. And his absence has crippled this team as a result, and rendered it completely helpless–because those that are left have looked like helpless children in the process…none more than the senior “leadership.”

    Myself, I’ve given up–because this team already has…

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