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    Wichita State has dismissed Teddy Allen from its men's basketball program, per a school spokesman. Allen was arrested earlier this week for "domestic disturbance". Major news in the American Conference.

    — Jon Rothstein (@JonRothstein) June 18, 2019


    Teddy needs to learn to take responsibility for his actions. He had a chance to be really good at WVU and Wichita State. It’s a shame he didn’t take care of the advantages he had.

    I just wonder if he was taking any meds for bipolar disorder. Although bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition, you can manage your mood swings and other symptoms by following a treatment plan. In most cases, bipolar disorder is treated with medications and psychological counseling, psychotherapy.


    We won’t speculate on the causes of Teddy’s problems, but there have been multiple incidents now, both on the prep level and at two colleges. If he does need help in this regard, we hope he gets it. This would weem to be a critical stage in his life.


    This changes the dynamic for the 2nd game in Cancun.


    This is a damn shame.  I really hope he gets his life straightened out, because I really fear a further downward spiral with a bad outcome.  Prayers for him.


    He’s in a good area if he were to go juco. If he can get his health taken care of. hopefully he can get back on the court


    Prayers for him. He has basketball talent but life skills the priority now.


    It honestly sounds like this might be a rush to judgement.  I read a statement by the victim and it was an ex girlfriend that he was arguing with over belongings.  He took a set of keys to get into a vehicle and retrieve stuff I believe.  There was no battery from what I’ve read.

    So more or less he had an argument with an ex girlfriend and destroyed some property.  There’s no way the charges are going to amount to anything.

    I think with the Ray Rice, Johnny Manziel, Kareem Hunt, et al stories, people are going to overreact to these situations now instead of letting them play out.


    In the original report she said that he choked her. After reflecting, I think she was trying to save his butt by minimizing the incident. Too late.


    That’s one of the dangers in trying to figure these things out. I have no reason to believe that any of the reports were wilfully inaccurate, or inaccurate at all, but obviously this wasn’t a clear cut situation. Could have been a rush to judgment, could have been the girlfriend trying to cover, could have been a combo of that with other factors.


    I could see the girlfriend recanting her initial statement.   The original statement could have been fact.  Then after talking it over with friends or even Teddy she could have been more sympathetic because she could see the outcome if the charges weren’t reduced.  And I could see Wichita St. looking at what really happened and making the decision to part ways.  Maybe because of the baggage he brought with him.  Maybe there were other instances this past year.

    One thing that doesn’t add up in the whole scenario is why Teddy quit traveling with the team?  NCAA gave an exemption for him to travel but he quit part of the way thru the season?  Nothing was ever mentioned as the reason for this.  One could only speculate that the relationship between Teddy and the team had changed.



    Just like Ray Rice’s Fiancee/Wife — when she realized that it could affect his $$$, all the sudden her story changed which went well, until the security video came out showing what really took place!


    Could well be a factor Gunny. There are so many angles and possibilities here.

    Butler, that change in status would have to be some sort of indicator that something else went askew. Probably not an illegality, but a reoccurence of the sort of things that have been a problem for him in the past.

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