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    Does anyone realize what an accomplishment that was by Kendall!?
    Here’s a guy that hardly played any all year and that was many moons ago. Don’t know how he did it! He should be the MVP of the game, if there is one! He deserves a tremendous amount of thanks from Mountaineer nation for the win and the way he stuck it out with the team and basically nothing to gain. But opportunity knocked and he answered it BIG!!!




    Austin Kendall deserves the same appreciation that we gave Darren Studstill when he saved the 1993 undefeated season, subbing for Jake Keltchner, at Boston College.   Mountaineer Heroes, both.


    100% agreed, Tony.


    Agree to both Tony and MNTM33R… for a guy who saw little action this year and lost the job last year, Austin stepped up big time; that says quite a bit about his character


    And Bonamico on d.  Coming in as the last man standing, he was limping but touched it out.  Great game for him and Tonkery he filled in admirably for Fields


    I’m very happy for Kendall.  He stuck with us, never quit, and led us from behind to a bowl victory.  A story book ending. Impressive young man.  I hope he has nothing but success in the future.  He’s not the kind to pout, and his work ethic must be amazing. So he will have a very successful life, I believe.


    Great job by a kid who hasn’t played in 1 and a half seasons. He will be a winner in life.


    You figure, he really hasn’t played since Texas Tech last year other than a series against EK before giving Greene some snaps. Without him I doubt we would have won the game, Doege was just in some other world.

    Just goes to show you the importance of your #2 guy and having them ready.


    Austin Kendall saved our bacon – no doubt about it.  Agree with all above regarding his character and loyalty.  But I also have to note that he was “Cool Hand Luke” in a damn bad situation.  Player of the game, in my book.

    Tonkery and Bonamico, the warriors from Bridgeport, share my Iron Man award for the game.

    Last, but not least by any measurement, was Darius Stills living up to his accolades – he played like the 1st team All-American that he was voted to be.  What a great curtain call performance from a Mountaineer from birth.  He’s a testament to legacies in P5 programs.


    I’ve seen a lot of condemnation of the coaches,  but on top of this showing Kendalls character,  I think it also says something that our coaches kept him engaged and confident enough of the system to be able to step in in the spot light and handle business.

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