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    Socialism versus everything this nation was founded on, and either preserving our constitution or handing it over to the socialists, propped up by the mainstream media and “educators,” who have wormed their way down to the level of daycare in this country with their indoctrination. It’s just that damned simple.

    If you, like myself, am sick and tired of allowing them to take away everything that we stand for, inch by inch, then get out and show up at the polls and block it.

    The “Democratic Party…” or whatever in the hell they refer to themselves these days has no platform. They certainly have no answers to what concerns an entire nation. All they have is hate, vitriol and mob mentality–and a whole lot more foot stomping than the average two year old does throwing a tantrum when they don’t get their way. It’s gotten so bad in that woebegotten party, that half of them won’t even tell you they aren’t Republicans for fear that you have learned the TRUTH, despite their best efforts.

    As a West Virginian, I NEVER voted a straight ticket, believing that whenever a candidate represented my conservative views earned my vote. But there is simply NO ONE left that’s from the “blue party” capable of doing that anymore. At ANY level. And THAT’S the truth, regardless of the trash that’s being pumped out on a daily basis by the “media.” And there are just too many examples of that to even peck in here.

    Enough is enough!!!


    What in the world is this doing here???? It talks nothing about recruiting or WVU Athletics!!!!


    Ummmmmm …… this is the P&R Board. Don’t you know the difference?


    That’s funny. See how easy it is for the socialist party to dupe so many people, if they’re so easily, well, dupable?


    Just goes to show how intelligent the Left is. They protest everything and anything that is based on the Constitution. They want Government to give them everything …… without having to work for it.

    Brain Dead part of our society and that part is growing at an alarming rate.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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