This Kansas game scares me to death….

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    Never thought I would be saying that but it does.  This game can put us on schedule to have a shot at being Bowl Eligible.  With the Texas Tech QB injury helping out, and boy that poor kid is snake bit and I feel bad for him.

    That being said, Iowa State hasn’t looked as strong as expected and Oklahoma State, Iowa State and Texas Tech all have to come here.  Then there is Baylor.

    So, still not likely but with HCNB at the helm and the way these kids played Saturday….who knows.  But we gotta get past Kansas.

    Do we get the team that lost to those mighty Chanticleers or the team that went to BC and thumped them?


    You get the team that went to BC and thumped them.  We should expect nothing less.  Miles was looking to do what Brown did with us – get his team some confidence, which both did.  This Kansas game is going to be a fight and there is a good chance that they could beat us.


    Nice look, rev. This year we knew there weren’t many guaranteed wins, and it’s probably going to contnue to be uneven. Hopefully not as bad as Mizzou, but there will likely be another game or two where WVU just doesn’t look good.

    That said, agreed this is a key game on the schedule. To have a shot at a bowl, WVU almost has to have this one in the win column. And that’s true for Kansas too. So while it’s a little early to call this a bowl elimination game, it might well turn out to be just that.


    Kansas run game scares me. If I’m Miles I spread it out and pound the run game. They have two good backs and Williams can be gone in a flash.

    If we hold them under 200 rushing yards we win.


    We get the team that thumped BC.  Kansas isn’t the old Kansas any more.

    At the same time they get the team that thumped NCSt.  NCSt trumps BC.  WVU comes out on top with many of the underclassmen stepping up again.


    I agree Butlereer.  Will get their best shot, but think we have just enough.


    Will be interesting to see the defensive fronts against the run.

    We have been gashed up the middle and beaten on the edge. Getting better but stacking the box may be to their advantage with the quickness and speed of their backs.

    Interesting that Jefferson was listed atop the depth chart at nose this week? Assumption that his strength would disrupt the interior run game a bit more than Darius? Understand they will likely get similar snaps but still surprised to see JJ ahead of Stills.

    Either way i beleive Chandler and Stewart will have to have big games if we are to skow their rush game.


    I think it’s really difficult, based on one game, to make comparisons and project. Over a number of games, sure.

    Maybe BC is singularly unable to defend the RPO. Maybe their coaches did a bad job, or overloaded defending against isos and other power runs.  Match-ups from one week often go out the window next week.

    I don’t think the listing of JJ over Darius means a lot. Both are probably going to play about the same number of snaps. That was happening anyway with the Thrift\JJ combo the first two weeks. I think it’s more that JJ is getting some of Thrift’s work. Either way, that helps Darius not get as worn down.



    Fear No One and respect everyone, WVU will be fine but from what I see so far they look much more comfortable at home.  WVU is young but last game showed us that they can be just fine 🙂


    Good point, NJ. The comfort factor hasn’t been pointed out by many yet. Of curse, Mizzou was the best team WVU has faced so far, but the road definitely was a factor IMO.

    Will be a good item to watch – is WVU playing with some confidence in what figures to be one of the best crowds in recent Kansas history?

    (Rain could play a factor.)


    If we are intimidated playing at Kansas then we have problems. 😉


    While you can say this about a lot of games I think this game comes down to who gets better QB play.  I don’t think KU can beat us just by running the ball.  But if they are efficient in the passing game that will really stress our defense.  Conversely, if Kendall can take us on long sustained drives ending in TD’s, not field goals, then that helps our defense tremendously.  Kendall will need to recognize what is available then take advantage of it.  A lot to ask for his 4rth start.  And we really need this game to give a chance against our October schedule.


    Kevin – Playing with confidence actually applies just as well to Kansas as it does to WVU.  This game being at KU and both teams finding some confidence, still leaves me really fearful about this game.


    WV 31- KU 21


    I think it’s high tribute to Les Miles that we correctly have to be concerned about beating Kansas. That hasn’t happened since WVU got into the Big 12 with Kansas being a doormat for the other 9 Big 12 teams. I’ll take a W regardless of the score. But a solid running game, accurate passing and stifling defense would be a nice bonus. ESPN+ is locked and loaded at my home.


    Well Jo, we may not have been concerned about Kansas but they have beat us before.


    Having been on the KU site, they’re much less confident about this game. A matter of habit, to be sure.

    But one thing that each fan base seemed to mirror: this game may well define the season and my even have bowl implications–much more cautiously approached by their fans, for obvious reasons. (Maryland games of yore, anyone over 50 or so?)

    Interesting times, these–for whichever fan base, in an interesting situation, in an interesting conference during very different times.

    And FWIW, both schools came out swinging with their coaching changes, IMHO.


    For what it’s worth, at the end of the 3rd quarter, BC is up on Rutgers 24-13.  Game is at Rutgers, Rutgers has the ball, they are moving, and are about at mid field.  FYI, Rutgers went to Iowa earlier in the season and lost 30-0.

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