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    “Game!” Texas guard Andrew Jones called out as his 3-point attempt arched high into the air with three seconds left Saturday afternoon at the Frank Er
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    It was great comeback but they made the last minute harder than it should have been by not getting a shot off on two possessions in the last minute.


    JAL, Agreed.  I was screaming at the TV both times.  We could have put it away but almost blew it.


    Texas 1, Texas Tech, now Texas 2… are these Mountaineers qualified for a Cardiac Kids label yet? The final 3 seconds of the game were brutal. When the ball left Jones’ hands on that final three I lost my pulse, only to regain it when it skipped off the rim. I am not sure I had a pulse for that final inbound until it came up short and the buzzer sounded. All my wife said was ” Wow, you sure were quiet.”
    Holy Smokes…


    My Pacemaker was going faster than an Indy 500 car on Memorial Day!

    Most invigorating game of the season. Brutal, physical, combination WWF & NASCAR demolition derby. I am amazed no player had to be carted off on a gurney! 

    And Texas made only FOUR free throws in a game this violent! Out of 10 tries. While WVU got THIRTY SEVEN free throws and made, I think, 26! 

    If the next 2 games get any more physical they may have to have a blood bank handy to re-supply the players.

    I’ve never been so engrossed in a WVU game this season! Both games played by these 2 teams were decided by 2 points and the Longhorn who made the 3 at the buzzer to beat WVU in the first game missed the 3 that would have beaten WVU in this game, after saying “Game” as he let the ball fly. Such confidence … but, as it turned out, misplaced.

    I think Texas and WVU could play 10 times and each team would win 5 games … by 2 points. Never saw 2 teams so evenly matched.

    Also never saw 2 teammates going at each other during  a timeout like Texas did, and having teammates separate them. Obviously tensions were high throughout this game because BOTH teams wanted it so badly.

    So did I. But I’m going to bed a happy man who probably won’t be able to go to sleep till 3 a.m. and probably will replay this magnificent, fantastic game in my dreams, hopefully with the same outcome!

    This game had the same impact with me as the 50-49 loss to Oklahoma when Tavon Austin was a one-man scoring machine with about 500 all-purpose yards. I was in Mountaineer Field for that awesome performance by Tavon!





    I agree that some mental errors down the stretch made this game closer than it  had to be. Having said that though, getting out of the 19 point hole on the road against a top 15 team was a good win.


    The Mountaineers are agonizingly close to being a very good team.



    The tip play at the end almost worked.  I’ve often thought that the most likely way for me to die is while watching a Mountaineer basketball game.  After we won, I didn’t celebrate.  I started breathing again first.


    You were not alone, OGE.


    My POG was Matthews. Emmitt was all over the floor. Dove for every 50-50 ball. Landed on the floor many times after driving to the hoop. This kid gave 100% every second he was in the game.


    Wouldn’t have without him.  McNeil either.  McBride was key as usual.  Sherman kept them within shouting distance in the first half and drew the key 5th foul.  Gabe got credit from Higgins for back stopping the point drop d. Team effort all the way around


    I got a REALLY good night’s sleep after the game. I LOVE this team more than others in past several years. I mean, I love them all, but I LOVE the smart harassment and drive of this team. Even Huggins seems to snarl less and quieter. For Huggins, I mean.


    For me, most of the teams I’ve watched this season seem to be currently at, or close to, their ceiling.  But I think this WVU team is still far below their ceiling.  Can they improve enough over the next 3-4 weeks, with however many games and practices we get in that stretch, to reach our ceiling?  All of our players are playing magnificently, at times, yet all still have so much room to improve.  Can we will ourselves to get there in time?

    It is possible and it starts with TCU.

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