Those who rip into Rich Rodriquez should watch Pat McAfee talk about Rich

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    From someone who knew Rich very well first-hand a quite different evaluation from those raging at a distance because Rich went to Michigan while making valid complaints about WVU DA’s inadequacies.

    Check it out at WATCH: Pat McAfee Discusses Rich Rodriguez on Show • The Voice Of Morgantown | WVU Mountaineers Sporting News (


    I don’t begrudge RR going somewhere else. I do begrudge the way in which he did it.

    Also, while EP was not the AD to push WVU into the future, he did keep WVU fiscally responsible. I know he has become the scapegoat for all of WVU’s ills of the past, but that’s not accurate, just as RR trying to blame him for his departure is miles off base.

    Without recounting things I have said many times in the past, when RR was heading out the door to Alabama and a group of boosters met in Charlestion to come up with a package to keep him, they game him everything he wanted other than things that were not legal by NCAA rules. He agreed that would be good to keep him. Then, a year later, he plays the same cards and is told no, and he leaves.

    All that is fine, but there’s no rehabbing his image for anyone who wantes to read past the trolling headline.


    Mcafee is a proven self promoter 


    What should we take from this other than McAfee does a good RR impression ?


    I’m with Kevin on this



    One thing that PattyMac has right.  RR did change the landscape of College Football.

    Second thing he had right was that he knew RR wouldn’t be successful in Ann Arbor.  Those players have a different mindset than the recruits at WVU.


    Long gone why keep it going


    Good points, as always, Kevin. I also was not happy with Rich’s mouth on his way to Michigan. I also think Oliver Luck did things that Pastilong would never do. Including getting WVU into the Big 12, thank God. Like always there’s more to Rich and me and you, Kevin, than one-agenda posters see. I think McAfee provides a different look at Rich. He made me happy about WVU’s football while he was my alma mater’s coach. I never enjoyed his misfortunes elsewhere. That’s not in my nature. I don’t turn on Mountaineers after they leave. Who has done better at WVU since Rich? Or before rich, including Nehlen? Longevity is Don’s untouchable claim to –fame at WVU. But 7-4 is his average season record. Not a knock. Just a reality check. Good, but not spectacular. 1988 and 1993, sure. I wouldn’t knock Don or Rich or Bill or Neal. Again, not my nature. 


    The sweetheart broadcasting deal with Metro News was a part of the reason RR left.

    Luck put an end to that mess.

    racey and Kercheval are still butthurt , refusing to broadcast WVU sports.


    Had a couple friends from some National Conventions I used to attend who were huge Big Blue fans.  At the time that Michigan got rid of RR, they were actually upset and thought that they got rid of him a year too soon, as they thought the next year was when RR was poised to have his breakout year.  We’ll never know now, but Michigan still hasn’t hit their stride since.  Even with Harbaugh (over-rated) in charge.


    Kevin summed up my feelings.  RR was within his rights to move on to another job, but the way he left was inexcusable.  He tried to drag WVU through the mud (and ended up making himself look like a fool).


    RR was Patty Mac’s coach.  Understandable he has loyalties, but I don’t.  What he did can be forgiven but not forgotten.  Ever.


    Took an outsider to come in and end that good old boy mess …


    I wouldn’t let hoppy the social columnist near mountaineer sports …


    love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he us excited about WVU football like no other coach before him. Those stands had never seen as much blue & gold in them. He was very good for WVU football, he was just what the program needed. He was our Bear Bryant, Shug Jordan, Woody Hayes, etc. etc. but, the way that he left town was bush league and it’s hard to get that taste out of our mouths.


    Don’t care 1 Iota about Rod the fraud.


    Waste of a thread.  RR’s exit did me in.

    As the old saying goes, one “ah shit” wipes out a hundred “atta boys”.

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Home Page forums BlueGoldNews WVU Sports Those who rip into Rich Rodriquez should watch Pat McAfee talk about Rich