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    Trying to recall, but wasn’t Baylor’s QB Charlie Brewers
    brother the QB at VT when they upset Ohio State in
    the first game of the 2014 season? OSU went on to win
    the NC that year!

    tOSU running game woes – speculation is that problems in
    offensive line blocking is due to the RPO confusion where
    Linemen are not sure which option is being executed .
    Could we be having similar problems?

    Why is Herbstreit a analyst on OSU games? He constantly
    uses subliminal praise and promotion of OSU players while
    Pretending neutrality! His disdain for Big12 and WVU
    in particular are glaring. His scoffing at Howard’s pick of
    WVU to win the Big12 with , “I thought we were being
    serious” on an early broadcast said it all.


    Herbsteit is definitely a Buckeye and Big 10 homer. And you are right, he does it subtly most of the time until he has to show his true colors to openly lobby for them to get in the playoff.


    Good memory on Charlie Brewer’s brother, Michael, who started his college career at Texas Tech (2011-13) and then transferred to Virginia Tech, where he played in 2014-15. He did help the Hokies beat Ohio State in 2015, though missed five games that season because of a broken collarbone.

    It’s a quarterback family; the Brewers’ father, Robert Brewer, grandfather, Charley Brewer, and uncle, Rob Moerschell, all played quarterback at Texas.


    Herbie not that bad….they ran him and his family out of Columbus; natives were constantly harassing kids and wife. They moved to Nashville


    I actually like Herbie. I watched him play at OSU (getting old) and have always thought he was a calm presence. He was indeed ran out of Columbus, his family harassed and threatened because he was talking negatively about tOSU on ESPN.

    Regarding his comment on WVU winning the B12, we have not played like we should win the B12. I can’t fault him on it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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