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    In its previous incarnations as spread option and modified Air Raid attacks, the West Virginia offense had sporadic use for tight ends in the passing
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    I’ve really been frustrated by our unwillingness in recent years to use the tight end more often.  They are nice big targets.  And, on third and short and in the red zone, a tight end can be a very useful weapon.  Also, showing the willingness to pass to the TE gives opposing teams an additional problem they need to worry about, which frees up our WRs.  Doege seems like the type of QB who could use the TE quite effectively also.  If you have a corps of elite WRs, then that’s another matter, but our WRs this year are good, not elite.  Also in Nehlen’s early years he used to employ what they called the hot route with Mickey Walzack out of the backfield.  I could see Sinkfield in that role.  That would be yet another weapon opposing defenses would have to prepare for.  It would slow down the pass rush too, I believe.


    With Doege’s apparent limited ability to stretch the field with the long strikes and our WR’s limited ability to take advantage of the balls that are on target our offense has to take advantage of every short option available.  And the insertion of the TE’s into the offense by NB is welcomed.


    thank you Oldguyee…for saying what I’v said since the Bill Stewart years. TE TE TE Red Zone Red Zone Red Zone. Whats wrong with a 12 yard pass gain to the the TE. About Bill “Dirt” Stewart I went to Fairmont State the same time he was there, knew him well. In fact I called him before his last year at WVU, and gave him hell for not using the TE. He got a good laugh about that, but did say he was planning to use the TE much more. But as we all know luck..dana..and gee forced him out. Now WVU has another receiving coach instead of an OL coach. How has that been working out ????


    My wife and I were just discussing how some of these elite TEs in the NFL that are almost uncoverable were just average in college. How was OU not utilizing Mark Andrew’s way more, for example.   You would think that size and speed the NFL can’t cover would be destructive forces in college.   Are college coaches (with exceptions) just not sure how to use them well?


    well said Butlereer


    Good questions. There may be a group of coaches that, having now grown up in the zone read and the spread, who don’t have a lot of TE use in their history.  High schools also are running these offenses, so there aren’t as many of them to recruit either.

    The practice time factor mentioned in the article is also an issue – you can’t practice everything, and have to choose how to allocate your time.

    That said, I think there is room for the TE, and HCNB has stated several times that he wants it in the offense. I’m not sure how many targets he’s thinking of, and of course that can vary from game to game due to the defense, but I don’t think the position gets ignored now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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