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    I did not really pay that close attention but it seems as though we didn’t have a TE on the field much yesterday.

    A handful of snaps with a FB and a lot of 4 receiver sets.

    Assume the concept was clean up the box by spreading things out as much as possible.


    Tight ends were on the field a lot. Sometimes Jovani Haskins, sometimes Michael O’Laughlin. Neither had a catch, and I don’t remember either even being targeted, as both were used primarily as blockers. A lot of times WVU went max protect, and kept its tight ends to pass block, so their opportunities for receptions were limited. But both got a bunch of snaps. T.J. Banks was also dressed but I don’t remember him getting in the game, and he’s not listed as having participated.


    Thanks, only recall noticing a TE on one play where I believe O’Laughlin had a nice block.


    Hoping that as the season progresses, they can become another option in the passing game. Like many aspects of this team, the performance wasn’t good the first two weeks. I need to rewatch to see how they did – been focusing on some other items the first time through.


    When they have Thimons in the game, they are less likely to use formations that utilize the TE. And Thimons played quite a bit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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