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    Bob Hertzel
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    Time To Take WVU Seriously MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — It is time to take this West Virginia team seriously. It is difficult to believe, having watched the o
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    Good article Bob.


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    This team does seem to be forming a personality. I think top ten is still over estimating them right now, but if growth continues and Esa can blend in and be consistent this team has promise.


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    While I’ve been impressed with the energy and effort that this team has displayed, I find it hard to take them very seriously with the total lack of an inside scoring presence. Maybe when Ahsad returns to action an inside game will show up. We can’t play consistently with the big boys of the game – KU – relying entirely on outside shooting.


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    I’m not sure adding Ahmad is going to be much more than high quality depth at the 4.

    Harris is going to get us 7-9 points and a similar number of boards while bringing WAY more to the table on the defensive side of the ball.

    At this moment I’m not sold on the fact that Huggs would start Ahmad over Harris. Pretty small sample size but I’m also not so sure that Harris’ upside is not higher than Ahmad. Now, put JC’s heart and mind in Ahmad and forget it, you’d basically have Lebron lite, but that’s not possible.

    If nothing else we could go small and play either Harris or Ahmad in the post on defense if Sags gets in could trouble.

    Options and depth sure, but I for one am not expecting a big boost when Ahmad comes back, Harris may be a 10 & 10 guy by that time.

    All things considered this will be a team that come March can beat anyone in the land but will be hard pressed to make a 6 game run in the tourney.

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    Esa’s return will be interesting. Where do you put him? Start at 3? 4? Off the bench?
    We could see much more of a 3F set with Ahmad, West, Harris when Sags needs to sit. Put Bolden(or Allen) and Carter at G’s and that could be our best O.

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