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    While we are in a free fall, there are more crazy things going on in the top 25.

    When was the last time we saw 6 of the top 13 teams ranked that are not in a P5 conference.

    #3 Zags, #4 Dayton (???? who would have thought this????) #5 SDSU (ditto???) #10 Creighton (where did they come from????) #12 Nova, #13 Seton Hall(another mystery)

    Granted, Zags and Nova are almost always in the running.  But the other 4?????  And then take a look at what happened to Mich St, UVA and UNC.  Crazy, crazy season.


    Wouldn’t have picked Dayton so high, but that’s a very good mid-major program IMO. They whacked us good in the NCAAs a few years back. I’d slot them in the next tier of the top mids behind Gonzaga, St. Mary’s (usually), Wichita State. I’d put Creighton right there too, or maybe a step behind. The Bluejays have been in five of the past seven years. Dayton was in four straight from 2014-17 until missing out the last two.

    I don’t think you can lump basketball in the Power 5 grouping like football. The Big East is still a very good league, and is on par with the Pac 12, Big 12 and SEC in terms of number of NCAA bids earned by current school members. Of the current schools, four went in 2019, and four different ones went in 2018 along at least Nova, and perhaps more, in 2018.

    Also, Seton Hall has a the potential player of the year in Myles Powell. Didn’t expect him to be at that level, but he’s very good.

    Agreed that those aren’t “national” names, or those deemed “relevant” by  many. (Hate that term, BTW.) Definitely a surprise that so many are so highly ranked, though.




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