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    KK has updated the schollie tab to accurately reflect current numbers.

    Looking at this chart really gives us a true feeling of how depleted our roster is.  Even with the extra year for SR’s we are woefully short of the 85.  This will rival the days of Good Old Bill when he saved schollies for deserving walk ons.

    Currently 64 schollies in class.  We have 9 more coming that have signed LOI’s — that is if they all make it to Morgantown.  Now we have +/-6 more schollies to give to completely fill this class.  (IIRC we have 23 schollies for this class because we pushed 2 forward to this year from last year.  That’s why the +/- is there)

    That would bring us to a total of 70 scholarship players on the team before we hand out a few more to walk ons.   Losing the amount of players to the Portal that we did is a killer.  Let’s not get into the false narrative that this is just a WVU problem.  Last week I went thru all of the B12 teams and listed their Portal numbers.  We were far from the highest.  Most teams were losing double digit players to the Portal.

    What surprises me more is that only 5 SR’s have opted to stay at WVU for that extra year.  Even more shocking is that we have only 3 ….  THREE LINEBACKERS.  Even the OL, DL and WR at 10 or 11 are short of the numbers needed.

    Here’s the bigger problem.  If this continues, we may never be able to hit that 85 number.  If we don’t lose another player this year and fill the 6 remaining we are at 70.  Lose 5 returning C-SR’s and a few to normal attrition and another double digit Portal defection we won’t come close to the 85 next year.  And yes, the Portal defections grow each year and make it “seem” easier for kids to leave when they want.

    Like I’ve said for more than a year.  Portal has its consequences.


    With the new transfer / Portal rules it’s going to be difficult for teams like WVU to stay 85 scholarships. There will be teams that have coaches just to scout players on your roster IMO. Might be illegal but extremely difficult to prove otherwise.

    WVU may also get players from transfer portal but it will never = the amount leaving.

    Some think this is good for WVU which to some extent is as they can get good players but your depth will never be built.




    It is, but it’s also one that many (most?) programs are facing. That doesn’t lessen the concern for WVU though.

    Also, I will try to keep this up to date, but is anyone sees any issues or has any questions about the players on the lists please let me know.

    Two notes:

    I don’t add players to the roster or scholly lists until they enroll in school – those that siged LOI’s are on the separate committment pages for each year.

    Influx of new players is never going to equal egress if you are only comparing scholly players in to all that are exiting. Need to compare those #s  wither scholly to scholly or all to all.

    Jeff keeps up with the of the PWOs and other walkons, but as WVU does not post those to its official roster until they’ve been on the team for a year (with a few exceptions like specialists) it’s difficult to generate a full apples to apples comparison.

    To do a scholly comparision, add those that expired eligibility and left early to the incoming signees and transfers. Agreed there’s still a shortage there, and that’s the differential to try to track.


    Not sure they are scouting rosters pre-emptively to try and get guys to leave. That would be extremely sketchy. But I guarantee you there are already programs with grad assistants and analysts on staff whose sole job it is to troll the transfer portal. This has really hurt Junior College guys.

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