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    I posted this on one of the other boards too;  I wondering that your thoughts are…

    “The NCAA allows D-1 football teams to bring in 25 scholarship player per year. There are a few ways to work around this by using blue shirts and gray shirts. Now with kids being allowed to enter the “transfer portal” should the NCAA lift the 25 scholarship limit per year? In basketball the portal is not a problem as you could bring in 13 scholarship plays every year as long as you only have a total of 13, you could clean house and start over again each year, but in football you are limited to 25 recruits per year. Should the NCAA allow schools that have players entering the “portal” gain back their scholarships? Example: WVU has 5 kids enter the transfer portal in a season, WVU would then be able to bring in 30 scholarship players instead of 25. Many schools, including WVU, are having trouble reaching the total scholarship limit of 85 and as it stands today the transfer portal is going to make it ever harder to reach the 85 limit.”


    I agree.  A team should be able to recruit to get to the 85 player limit.   You may never catch up with just the 25 player limit per year!!



    Limiting to 85 total scholarships would be a better way of dealing with the problem that used to exist where the powers of the 70’s had rosters of over 100 scholarship athletes making it very difficult for second tier programs to recruit. I’m not sure what ill the NCAA was trying to prevent by limiting schools to only 25 per year even when their rosters are depleted. In fact, you could argue that low scholarship numbers could increase injury rates because lack of depth causes teams to play individuals too much.


    One problem is the generic term “scholarship” in assigning
    yearly and total numbers. Without identifying any type
    in the numbers allowed a school could play games with
    the rules if a yearly limit was not specified. In any year
    they could dump the less wanted in favor of higher
    potential talent available as long as they stay below
    the 85 limit!


    I see your point Tony, and that happens in Basketball every year.  You see this at lesser degrees in other sports.  But limiting to 25 is becoming a problem.  This year we will be 7+ below the limit.  We lose 15 SR’s next year.  If we have more than 3 underclassmen leave for any reason we won’t hit the 85 number.  Then the next year we have at least 23 (by today’s count if we don’t bring in any more JC JR’s or a transfer).  So we can lose only 2 underclassmen that year PLUS the number over 3 that we lose from the year before.  (this is if the numbers on the schollie count tab are correct…… and this site is the closest to correct as any.  Rivals are close ….. 247 schollie tab is a dumpster fire.)

    This is a problem that can get out of control for teams that have a couple underclassmen that just leave because they don’t want to play any more, leave by putting their name into the portal and leave early for the NFL draft.    There should be a limit and maybe that number should be increased to 30 or so per year and keep the 85 total intact.  But to keep it at 25 is problematic for many programs.

    It will take us at least 2 and maybe 3 years to get back to that 85 number.


    I think as the portal continues to grow for all sports, like a freight train that scholarships need to be adjusted. If the player leaving school for another, we should have the opportunity to find a new player to use this scholarship. Even if we have used the 15 player limit for the year. If the student is not on scholarship this would not apply. The coaches need a little help with this because players they were counting on are now leaving for greener pastures. NCAA use some common sense. Please for once. Oh wait, it’s the NCAA.


    Until the 25 per limit is raised I think allowing up to 35 schollies once every 4 years would relieve some of the pressure. Schools could still use the blue shirt & grey shirt options also.


    I remember when Johnny Majors came from Iowa St. to Pitt he signed 85 freshmen which led to a NC. Limits were established the following year. Prior to schollie limits Nebraska and Oklahoma would routinely sign 55-60 each year. That’s a lot of room for error – and discovery of hidden talent. WVU, SU, PSU & Pitt followed with agreements regarding red-shirts and schollie limits.


    If I remember correctly, when scholarship limits were first established they were 35 per year and 120 overall. Overall linits gradually came down to 105, 100 down to the present 85 and 25 per year.


    The ESPN article makes sense but, IMO, the writer sluffs off or won’t acknowledge that title IX started all of this turmoil and the NCAA made it worse. I would be curious as to how many women’s programs make $$$.

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