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    Don’t forget that the eligibility-free year the NCAA provided in 2020 has greatly impacted the number of seniors this season, not only at West Virginia but throughout college football. Kevin does a very good job in updating the scholarship chart, and his chart reflects their actual eligibility remaining. Without the eligibility-free year, 11 Mountaineers Kevin has listed as juniors would actually be seniors – Jarret Doege, Leddie Brown, Dante Stills, VanDarius Cowan, Exree Loe, Josh Chandler-Semedo, Taijh Alston, John Hughes, Jackie Matthews, Sean Ryan and Isaiah Esdale. So WVU’s senior class in that regard would be a much more normal 18 rather than the current 7. Many Mountaineer football rosters out there, including the official one at, list the eligibility of all the players as if the COVID year counted against them, but in reality, that’s not accurate. Now there is no guarantee all the juniors will return in 2022. In fact, I’d be surprised if people like Leddie and Dante do return, but all of 11 of those juniors do have the option of playing college football not only in 2021 but also ’22.


    Kevin’s schollie eligibility chart is the most accurate of any of the boards.  Thanks for keeping it updated and accurate.

    Selfishly, I would hope that tall 11 do return to WVU next year.  Dante and Leddie would at this time be the front runners to be drafted. But if IMO they aren’t at least 3rd rounder they should come back and finish a masters.   Long term that will set them up for a better living.  More often than not the 4th+ rounders are cut or have a very short life span at the next level.  It’s not like BB where there are lots of options if they don’t make it to the NBA.

    The other elephant in the room for keeping guys in the system till they complete their eligibility is the Portal.  Who is being poached?  And for what reason?  Let’s not turn a blind eye to unscrupulous “agents” out there that are holding baskets of sugar plums over the heads of these players.  Promises of NIL Dollars concealed in plain paper bags are a tempting offer for many of these kids.


    Butt, looking at BGN, FOOTBALL TAB AT TOP
    Then ROSTER 2021
    In the SEARCH WINDOW, enter FR
    Supposedly, all freshmen come up
    If I didn’t count wrong, it was 73!

    if you enter SR IN THE SEARCH WINDOW you get all the seniors +
    guys from Fairmont SR which you can ignore


    OK, took a while but see the scholarship chart!
    Not to be picky, but if the ROSTER chart had a column for walk]ons (WO), you could do a quick search for all Walkons on the roster!? And give a count!
    Old IT creeping in!🤓


    Yep Tony.  I get it.  I keep my own chart and update it with Kevin’s info on schollies and Jeff’s info on WO’s and PWO’s.  Add a few lines for position, ht, wt, class, schollie yr, *rating, Portal in and out w/year, depth chart indication all color coded and home town

    Do the same for Basketball with all of the recruits with and without offers.

    Jeff’s list is the go to for all this information.

    Mind numbing stuff to keep me busy watching crap on TV.

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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