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    Travel Diary: North By The Cardinal As West Virginia’s men’s basketball team embarks on another trip to the Midwest, it seemed an appropriate time to
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    X A LENT article….Thanks


    I know it wasn’t really sports related, but kind of fun to go from a different angle.



    Kevin, great story! I live very close to the White Sulphur Springs Amtrak station, but I’ve never taken a trip. I really want to. Is there a secure area on the train where passengers can deposit their luggage ? I will need to pick your brain sometime.


    I take the DC to NYC part of that trip regularly. Thanks sharing the parts of the trip I have not taken.


    That loop begins in Chicago (depending on your perspective), goes to Indy, then Cincinnati, then onto Charleston, and finally to DC. In Alderson there is Camp Greenbrier for Boys. It is the oldest boys camp in America. I sent both of my sons there more than once each. When my oldest son was going to Camp Greenbrier the train came thru Cincinnati on Sunday (about 5 in the morning), which coincided with the start of camp later that day. Camp Greenbrier would send a bus to the station to pick up boys on their way to camp. Camp ended on a Wednesday and the same train that was going east on Sunday passed back thru Alderson going west on Wednesday. So my son was able to ride the train to and from camp, Alderson to Cincinnati. I thought it was cool then and I still think it is cool now. My oldest son had a cousin who lived in Charleston who also went to Camp Greenbrier. so they would ride the train together for that part of the journey.
    Just a little something to add to your story with a West Virginia connection even if not a WVU connection. Martha Stewart was at the Women’s Prison while one of my sons was at Camp, but I don’t remember which one it was now.


    Great travel diary Kevin! What are chances Mark Plants would be on that train?!



    At the end of each car, inside the passenger compartment, there is an open area for big bags. So, you can put your bags there and have them jsut steps away from your seat. Also, the overhead racks are bigger than on planes, so unless you are taking full size suitcases you can put things there. I put my laptop bag, large camera bag, tripod, gear bag and a duffel bag up there with no problem.

    Base – it was so funny to run in to Plants on that trip, and even double so in that he was the one that ordered the pizza.

    cinci – thanks for those added items! Happy that this has sparked some memories here.


    I have used the train to go from DC to NY. It is a fun way to go. I didn’t get to NYC to see the St. Johns game. Loved your article. When you take a train and treat it as an adventure, getting there can be half the fun.

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