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    So I was picking my son up today at Lord Botetourt high school in Botetourt county Va and it appeared Vic spent about 30 minutes. Does anyone know who he would be visiting. At least he looked like him had on WVU attire well dressed with notebook in hand.


    Oe would be Colston Powers, an offensive lineman in the Class of 2021. He recently visited WVU.

    As you know, Lord Botetourt is a very good program, and that’s a place WVU would like to build a better recruiting foundation in.


    Seems our new staff is logging in the miles. That’s good to see, especially in fertile recruiting areas.


    Thanks for the info. I understand lots of parents want their kids playing at Lord Botetourt. The coach has built quite a program here and several new kids will be transferring in as their parents have relocated to Botetourt. Rumor is one of the best running backs in state is transferring from Abingdon we need a pipeline for sure to the talent.


    It’s either coaches logging a lot of miles or Jeff doing a great job of keeping us informed.  It also seems like this year we are getting a lot more looks from big OL across the country.  I haven’t recalled us getting this many big boys interested in us since the Dandy Don Days.  This is quite refreshing.  I’m in the camp that it all starts up front and we’ve been lacking in numbers there for almost 20 years.


    You’re preaching to the choir, Butler.  🙂

    All the top tier teams are mostly able to impose their will at the line of scrimmage.


    Take every single Big DL-OL you can get. Start from here.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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