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    We will need to get some sort of run game to give us a chance to win.

    KSt has 10 upper classmen starters on O.  5 fifth year SR’s on the OL…..  8 upper classmen on D.  This is a goal that I think Neal is looking toward in the coming years.  They are already bowl eligible so this isn’t a must W game for them. On the other hand we have to win our last 3 to keep the season going.


    On the coaches show, Brown talked about James and his 14 receptions.  Could have been 18 if it weren’t for a few drops.  He complimented Sam on bouncing back on his first possession when he ran OB and could have turned it up.  In the past Brown said that would negatively effect Sam and he’s be down for the game.  This time he bounced back.

    Also complimented the OL for getting better at pass protection.  Kind of side stepped the run blocking question just saying we needed to get better.


    Also said on ST that we were just OK.  But we can’t be just OK.  ST’s needs to make plays that are game changers.



    Also said on ST that we were just OK.  But we can’t be just OK.  ST’s needs to make plays that are game changers.

    As for the D.  Yep, just pretty bad all the way around.  Brown said he’s never been on the receiving end of 5 TD’s in the opponents first 5 possessions.  Let down from the BU game?


    I seriously doubt if WVU’s run game is going to get appreciably better. Maybe a few plays, or some incremental improvement, but no way WVU is going to match K-State on the ground and slug it out.



    Just as a good run game can open up the passing game, this team MUST have success in the passing game in order to empty the box and set up some runs.  This is why drops, under throws, missing open receivers, and so on have to be cleaned up in order to have any prayer of generating some run game success.

    Further, the WRs need to step up and do their part in blocking.  I see each week myriad examples where our WRs whiff badly on their blocking assignments.  They too have a critical part to play in helping a run game that is mired in the mud.


    The way to attack KSU is to attack their gaps on their defense. Problem is our RB and OL can’t block to be able to attack those gaps. Will have to pass 50 to 60 times again. This falls into KSU strength. This is the 10th game and haven’t had a run game with exception of NC State and KU.


    The run game should have been at least mediocre by now.  Truth is, it’s just pathetic.  Last year we averaged about 150 yds/gm with a game plan focused on the pass.  We have the same RB’s, and some very good WR’s that are taking over for the great WR squad of last year.  Difference is obvious.  The OL, specifically the interior is not even close to being up to par.  Granted, we still have problems with WR drops, blocking and QB inaccuracies.  Even with those deficiencies, you just can’t overlook how bad the OL run game blocking is.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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