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    Just run for president!

    99% running know they have NO chance, BUT…….


    The Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision resulted in a tsunami of dark money that’s undermining democracy.  In fact, I think democracy is already effectively dead in America, although citizens still have the right to vote for the oligarch of their choice.  You need to be a millionaire just to run for state senate.  To run for president you need hundreds of millions.  We need public financing of campaigns so that average Americans–working class Americans–have a realistic chance of getting elected to office.  But that’s not going to happen.  The one percent rule.  They own the media.  They own the courts, and they own Washington.  The American democratic experiment is over, particularly now that, thanks to Trump, we have far right-wing nuts from the Federalist Society on the US Supreme Court.  We just celebrated D Day, when our fathers and grandfathers fought to preserve democracy, and then, fools that we are, we just let democracy die.  History will not judge us kindly.





    Remember this? I sure do. I meant it when I recited it then–age five, and I still mean it now. Every. Word. of. it.

    This is a REPUBLIC. Not a democracy. (Although there are fundamental elements of democracy within it.) Rome went down the road with a democracy. And fell soon afterward. Look up Julius Caesar–and study how that turned out for him. And Rome. Destroyed from within.

    This is also a nation founded under God. The REAL one. The ONLY one. Caesar nor Rome had that going for them either. Our founding fathers, in their wisdom, sought what they knew would be a beacon for humanity. And has since been, through much sacrifice, just that. Something the rest of the world covets. And presently, openly INVADING our southern border to get just a piece of what we have. By the MILLIONS. But they’re not waving American flags, they’re carrying Honduran flags. Or Mexican flags. Or whatever other shit-hole and socialist dictators they’re running from. Don’t speak a lick of our national language. And not to mention bringing their diseases in with them. Their drugs. Their crime. When they’re here, they’re cut loose. Given “sanctuary cities.” Defecating on our streets and in our parks. Given free healthcare and other handouts. Taking our jobs. Not paying a cent in the taxes American CITIZENS are already overburdened with to support them.

    At home, there are those that for DECADES have infiltrated our nation, first with higher education (now all the way down to day care, soldiers in place), both houses of congress, and of course both the Executive and Judicial branches of government–with the full cooperation of the media.

    With all of these, their propaganda machine is fully greased for a takeover of anti-American sentiment, ready to overtake a nation that once feared God and followed His commandments–the very words that are still visible in the House of Congress but have been taken out of our primary schools. Prayers they still hold there, that are banned from the same primary schools we are burdened to send our own children to. The Russians couldn’t have inflicted more harm than the left has on our nation, no matter how well schemed.

    With more than 93% of the media preaching this crap, now 24-7, thanks to cable and the state controlled internet, the ONLY message this generation has heard has been one of socialism and anti-American, anti-God rhetoric and ideology. Hitler would have been envious–outdone by the American left with propaganda and indoctrination of youth!!!


    Which is it Pitty, are they taking our jobs or freeloading? Your argument contradicts itself there. And show me the documentation that MILLIONS are illegally crossing our borders. Logic free and fact free arguments are not convincing. I believe in controlled borders and limited immigration, but when you spout fact free bs it isn’t helpful to the cause.
    And who do you mean when you say, “there are those that for decades have infiltrated our nation, first with higher education (now all the way down to day care, soldiers in place)”, etc? Are they not citizens with as much right to speak their minds as much as you? A person may disagree with you without being evil.
    And what twisted logic do you use to decide that free public education “burdens you to send your children to”? Would you prefer that education be provided only to those who can afford a private school?
    What do you mean by “state controlled ”internet”?
    Lastly, fascism can be fostered by either the leftwing or righting extremism. It is also fostered by misguided nationalism that uses fear of those “other people”to gin up racism. Hitler knew all about that and used it effectively to create the Holocaust. Donald Trump flirts with the same race baiting tactics that Hitler started with.


    Hi CC. Haven’t checked in for a bit. Apologies for the delay.

    To clarify: There have been illegal crossings that span presidencies–Democrat OR Republican. Any idiot knows that, regardless of the “source.” Just do the math to get the numbers. It’s not hard. Most idiots with an IQ over 50 also realize how politics in America work–opening the door for free entry into this nation for those that don’t get caught (which is a discussion all of itself). With that, human trafficating and illegal drugs FLOURISHED because of a porous border. Then came the reality of 9/11.

    Still, it went unbelievably unchecked.

    Flashing forward to 2016, there is a man (with a SPINE) that understands (as do any who actually WANT to be part of what it takes to BE an American) what’s been so very wrong with an unprotected border and how it’s impacted our nation not only regarding our very security, but issues not addressed on a socioeconomic level–and continually bastardized for it, and we have a problem. Just cue in the very ones who’ve done that LEGALLY, and you’ll have your answer as to why “Latinos” fully support Trump. And a coupe, truth be told, is precisely what’s taken place through our MSM (propaganda machine). And that coupe is a hundred-fold more dangerous than the present threats.

    There are unspeakable atrocities happening to people in hordes on their journeys to America–not ONE of them applying legally (and don’t even begin to lecture me on the legality of applying for entry into this nation, because I’ll SMOKE your ass, having gone through it on a very personal basis).

    It’s now 2019, when the Democrats (Socialist Party) have FINALLY decided there is a “crisis” at the border–the VERY term used by our sitting President more than TWO YEARS ago (FAR longer than the reality of it), as yet another ploy in their web of lies and deceit to unseat him, instead of what’s doing what’s best for this nation.


    Finally, the push to bring this nation to the utter failure that socialism has proven to be and undo the Federal Republic that this nation was FOUNDED on was begun as all cancerous lesions begin–with subtly. Chipping away one stone at a time at our very foundation, beginning with our higher institutions of learning, then targeting our youth–with a propaganda campaign though the media. Just as Hitler did.

    And now there’s the internet that Hitler (thankfully) wasn’t privy to. Think about that.


    You’re a smart guy. Open your eyes…




    Well, I agree with you that socialism is not the answer. Not much else except being a Mountaineer fan. To each his own and Let’s go Mountaineers!


    A few comments of mine based upon some of the themes above and some of my own thoughts that are related to current affairs:

    • We are a republic in the form of a representative democracy – not a direct democracy.  To be a direct democracy, then each and every question would have to go to the ballot, be it a new law, ratification of a treaty, repeal of an existing law, declaration of a war, and so forth.  In a word, the founders understood clearly that direct democracy was unworkable.
    • Related to our basic government structure, you hear a call by the democrats to abolish the Electoral College.  Actually, the Electoral College has worked exactly how the founders envisioned over the years.  Their primary concern was that the large population states would have an unfair advantage over the small population states when it came to choosing the chief executive if direct election were employed.  Consider this – without the electoral college, what voice would a WV or a ND, SD, MT, KY, MS, AL, AK, AR, HI, NM, UT, NV, RI, ME, NH, VT, or a KS have in the presidential election?  Virtually none.  The president would always be chosen by NY, NJ, MA, TX, IL, FL, GA, and CA – always.  Thank God it will take an amendment to the Constitution to achieve this, which would be damn near impossible to get passed.  Historical note – in the 1860 election Lincoln did NOT get the popular vote.  Any guesses as to what would’ve happened on the slavery question had there been no Electoral College?
    • Illegal immigration is rampant and our asylum laws that were engendered with the very best of intentions are being subverted, abused, and largely unenforced due to the sheer numbers involved.  Congress has failed to act to address the issue and the last two chief executives have been forced to try to manage the problem via executive order.  Yes, many of the practices decried today by the democrats were being done daily under the Obama administration to little or no outcry or concern.  Just one example of the total hypocrisy in the political rhetoric of these times.
    • Who benefits from unchecked illegal immigration?  That is a question that begs a definitive answer.  Of course, we hear that the democrats feel that it benefits them in the form of potential new voters that will vote democrat in future elections.  And there is some truth to that argument.  BUT it is not the whole truth, nor the only truth.  If it were, then the problem could have and would have been dealt with firmly by the last Congress where the republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House and enjoyed a “perceived” 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court.  (I say perceived because some recent decisions have shown one or more of the 5 conservatives have crossed over and concurred with the 4 liberals.)  So ask yourself, why DID NOT the illegal immigration door get slammed shut under the previous Congress?  How about looking to the United States Chamber of Commerce?  The Chamber is acting on the behalf of business and let’s face it folks, business likes the cheap labor that illegals provide.  Not only that, but the more they have illegals to do the low skilled labor, the less they have to pay for that labor compared to if they did not have that labor pool of illegals and had to instead employ US citizens.  So, both president Obama and president Trump have had to fly in the face of the powerful Chamber in order to try to control the influx at the border – something that the republican held former Congress clearly did not have the spine to do – and for that matter, the current democrat held House now has 2 reasons to obstruct tightening up the border – they too fear the Chamber, but they have the added incentive of drooling over the prospect of a new democrat voting block.

    Agree with everything WVFaninMI said except that the comment about”many of the practices decried today by Democrats were done daily by the Obama Administration”…Don’t believe everything the proven liar Trump says. That statement just doesn’t stand up to Sri tiny of historical fact. Look beyond the lies of the Trump administration and to neutral third party analysis of child separation under Obama and you will see a clear difference.


    Neutral 3rd party reporting ceased about 10 years ago, my friend.  Even those buggers have a dog in the fight and an axe to grind these days.

    I believe that I have stated here before that I source multiple entities for news – of all stripes and colors.

    The fact is child separation occurred with both administrations and while there can be some differing details, there is also differing volumes of cases to be addressed.  Volume increases, which have clearly occurred during this administration, cause stress to an already overtaxed handling system.  CONGRESS needs to do its job and address this entire situation in at least some semblance of bi-partisanship.  I am not sympathetic to the wails and bleats from Congress towards both presidents when it comes to border issues in general and the handling of individual persons specifically when they sit back and pontificate, judge, and investigate instead of LEGISLATE.  What the hell are we paying them for?  What meaningful legislation has been passed in this Congress?  And damn it, a wall or barrier would surely slow the influx and create some stability down there.

    Instead, Congress has abdicated its responsibility to make modern, updated immigration laws and make asylum requests more defined and quantifiable.  Hell, Congress doesn’t even show a willingness to have the laws already on the books enforced.

    So, they have left it to the chief executive to manage and then sit back and take pot shots at both Obama in his turn and Trump now in his turn all the while taking NO responsibility unto themselves.


    Child separation occurs for political reasons now and that has never happened in the past.


    Child separation occurred under the Obama administration. That’s a matter of fact and recorded as such–even if it wasn’t “reported” as such at the time.

    But of course, the fascist “media” spin things their way when we’re all up to speed in 2019. Bought and paid for. And taking the Deep State to new heights. At the expense of our youth. JUST as Hitler did.

    There’s your treason. And more and more of us are understanding just what is going on.


    Two different kinds of child separation.  Facts are facts.  Look them up

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