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    Just run for president!

    99% running know they have NO chance, BUT…….


    The Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision resulted in a tsunami of dark money that’s undermining democracy.  In fact, I think democracy is already effectively dead in America, although citizens still have the right to vote for the oligarch of their choice.  You need to be a millionaire just to run for state senate.  To run for president you need hundreds of millions.  We need public financing of campaigns so that average Americans–working class Americans–have a realistic chance of getting elected to office.  But that’s not going to happen.  The one percent rule.  They own the media.  They own the courts, and they own Washington.  The American democratic experiment is over, particularly now that, thanks to Trump, we have far right-wing nuts from the Federalist Society on the US Supreme Court.  We just celebrated D Day, when our fathers and grandfathers fought to preserve democracy, and then, fools that we are, we just let democracy die.  History will not judge us kindly.





    Remember this? I sure do. I meant it when I recited it then–age five, and I still mean it now. Every. Word. of. it.

    This is a REPUBLIC. Not a democracy. (Although there are fundamental elements of democracy within it.) Rome went down the road with a democracy. And fell soon afterward. Look up Julius Caesar–and study how that turned out for him. And Rome. Destroyed from within.

    This is also a nation founded under God. The REAL one. The ONLY one. Caesar nor Rome had that going for them either. Our founding fathers, in their wisdom, sought what they knew would be a beacon for humanity. And has since been, through much sacrifice, just that. Something the rest of the world covets. And presently, openly INVADING our southern border to get just a piece of what we have. By the MILLIONS. But they’re not waving American flags, they’re carrying Honduran flags. Or Mexican flags. Or whatever other shit-hole and socialist dictators they’re running from. Don’t speak a lick of our national language. And not to mention bringing their diseases in with them. Their drugs. Their crime. When they’re here, they’re cut loose. Given “sanctuary cities.” Defecating on our streets and in our parks. Given free healthcare and other handouts. Taking our jobs. Not paying a cent in the taxes American CITIZENS are already overburdened with to support them.

    At home, there are those that for DECADES have infiltrated our nation, first with higher education (now all the way down to day care, soldiers in place), both houses of congress, and of course both the Executive and Judicial branches of government–with the full cooperation of the media.

    With all of these, their propaganda machine is fully greased for a takeover of anti-American sentiment, ready to overtake a nation that once feared God and followed His commandments–the very words that are still visible in the House of Congress but have been taken out of our primary schools. Prayers they still hold there, that are banned from the same primary schools we are burdened to send our own children to. The Russians couldn’t have inflicted more harm than the left has on our nation, no matter how well schemed.

    With more than 93% of the media preaching this crap, now 24-7, thanks to cable and the state controlled internet, the ONLY message this generation has heard has been one of socialism and anti-American, anti-God rhetoric and ideology. Hitler would have been envious–outdone by the American left with propaganda and indoctrination of youth!!!

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