Wasn’t there an important scrimmage last night

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    Nary a post or observation here? Have read many reports from other sites that pop up on my Facebook page. Why nothing here guys?


    Greg & Kevin must be watching the Steelers.


    Apparently!!! Truth be told it is quite disappointing given what the old site used to be.

    I’m sure they are more disappointed than we are but if it doesn’t start with those guys then how are we to get this thing back anywhere close to what it was?


    On a side note – I have noticed a decided difference in the tag lines or headlines from the other sites… more of a positive slant, enticing the reader in rather than the (truthful) question based lead ins. Just my peso or 2.


    Kevin and Greg’s articles are much more informative IMO than the old site writers.  Hertzel gives another slant also.  I’d like to see more Hertzel columns.

    One thing that this sight doesn’t have is the BS trolls.  The other site is trying to get rid of them, but it really isn’t working.  Have to put too many people on IGNORE.  The Rivals site is just a joke.  3 or 4 guys dominate that site with their pissing contests.  Can’t have a decent conversation about any thing sports related.



    I think I must be stating the obvious but, after last night’s closed scrimmage, there must not have been any interaction with the press by either players or coaches.  I did see they would evaluate film today and tomorrow.  I didn’t check any of the newspaper sites, anybody find anything at some of those?


    Two or three articles popped up in my FB page, one suggesting Kendall had distanced himself from the others at QB.

    Closed or not one would think that journalists would be trying to get info as to what happened whether through atandard channels or otherwise.

    Anyway, just miss the days where this place was super active.




    Next presser Tues 2pm????


    If the practice was closed then perhaps the only reporting is coming from those who are associated with the university.  The only reports I see are from Tony and John Antonick.

    Perhaps I have missed something about this scrimmage but Greg and Kevin are the best journalists on the beat.  If they are not reporting on it in detail then perhaps they were not able to get in for the scrimmage.

    The message board traffic is less than on the old site, but we have a higher level of discussion without it sinking into the morass of personal attacks.


    There is very limited availability over the next week. The scrimmage was likewise a closed affair.

    Tony Caridi’s tweet was the only thing from a reputable source I’ve seen than had a comment on it.

    John Antonik’s comment was:

    “Got a chance to watch last night’s scrimmage but will reserve comment until after @NealBrown_WVU
    has his scheduled visit with the media on Tuesday …”

    As for anything else? Pure speculation and click bait that has zero reliable information. We’re simply not going to do that sort of activity, because it’s irresponsible and doesn’t follow any journalistic standards — like the recent column from one “source” that said WVU didn’t need a particular recruit. If there are any other you saw mex, please let us know.

    As for the QBs, as I have said multiple times, my sense is that Kendall has a bit of a lead. But the coaches are earnest in saying that it still has been a competition.

    No more practices are open, and no interviews are scheduled until Tuesday, when Neal Brown is available. After that, it will be Monday and Tuesday of game week before Brown and coaches/players are again available.

    That said, we still have original content every day, and it’s from in-person interviews and contact with the subjects, as well as information we have gotten from other sources.  We knew this gap in availability was coming, so we have prepared for it. A few other reputable outlets do the same.

    We have at least 2-3 articles per day, that we link here, in addition to answering your questions directly. We’re always open to suggestions, so any that you have please let us know.



    Other than what Caridi said, what is it that the public and James Madison should be privy to?


    In the 30+ years I’ve covered WVU, this final scrimmage of fall camp has always been locked down tight in terms of the media’s ability to watch anything. Back in the Nehlen years, we got to watch most fall practices, but never the final scrimmage. Everybody wants that information to be hidden. Neal Brown has been much more open about allowing the media (any in the case of the first day of practice, the public) watch fall camp, but he’s not freed things up that much to open up the final scrimmage.

    Now in some years that final scrimmage was followed later that day or the next by a press conference, so true information go out that way, but this year there’s no presser until Tuesday.

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