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    WVU head coach Bob Huggins breaks down Murray State and how the Racers could attack the Mountaineers as the teams ready for the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Fifth-seeded West Virginia and 12th-seeded Murray State tip at 4 p.m. eastern on Friday in San Diego.


    Huggs seemed much more engaging in this interview. He gave more specifics on Murray St than the usual opponent interview. Very different take to his usual droll demeanor.


    Butlereer – Good points. I was part of this interview session with Huggs yesterday, and I was thinking the same thing while he was talking.


    Has Huggs gone soft? We can see it during game time. He hasn’t been screaming at any of the players this year. There are times when they deserve it, but it didn’t happen. He’s been relatively nice at the half interviews. Especially with Holly Rowe. He actually is engaging with her and that NEVER happens. I would say his demeanor changed after his tirade about refs when he got tossed and the B12 reprimanded him, but this has been going on for a much longer time. His voice is even much louder and clear at the pressers.

    IMO, things really changed after his defib went off in a game last year. Doc prolly told him to change his ways or he was gonna die.


    Maybe its just the cameras aren’t focusing on him as much.

    He blistered guys several times in KC, including Esa, Lamont, Sags and Beetle. Even Carter got some shots when he had the turnovers and wild lay-up attempts in the Kansas game.

    Overall, I do agree with you. And he’s joked about mellowing himself at times. But soft is a word I would never apply to him.

    In San Diego, you are going to see the same thing. There’s a national perception about him, and national media play into it. It’s going to be a “discovery” that he’s not as harsh as everyone thinks. We already know that of course, and he’ll play into it with some funny answers at today’s presser.


    When will you have the presser up on this board?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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