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    The D game plan for ISU was a complete dumpster fire.  Rush 3, drop 8.  That is a gift to this OL.  An OL that has struggled with FR & SO’s for the most part.  An OL that made many stupid mistakes when being pressured.  False starts, Holding. you name it when teams bring lots of pressure.

    For the most part we blocked 3 against 5 the whole game.  This is a GIFT.  Thank you ISU for not putting pressure on Doege.  Given time Doege has shown that he can deliver and he did today.  Given that our 5 OL didn’t have to block more than 3 for most of the plays they didn’t have to pick up multiple blitz packages.  Our OL was able to give Doege time to sit in the pocket and wait for receivers to get open.

    Because the 3 man rush allowed our OL to put helmet on helmet we were able to open up holes for Leddie.  109 yds on 22 attempts.  5 ypc.  rushes of 13, 14 and 20 yds.  2 TD’s.  only 3 TFL of 1,1 and 2 yds.  Leddie was able to get to the line for short yardage all day long.  Even Mathis was able to break a 14 yd run.

    Doubt this will happen in any of the next games.


    Easy to find a downer in a fantastic victory if you work at it hard enough. 


    Butler is speaking truth. Happy we won, but hope the coaches/team don’t expect Okie State to only rush three most of the game next week; resting on our laurels and assuming the ship has been fully righted will set this team up for failure. I hope this game instilled some confidence in the offensive line, but not to the point of hubris.


    That is what ISU does the majority of the time. They exchange a lot on the second level, but they frequently drop 8 into coverage and still produce pressure.


    I think you need to also consider another huge factor in our win.  Our defensive game plan was a thing of beauty and except for a couple of head scratchers, was executed to perfection. Our D-Line is just special.


    Have been surprised the last 2 weeks.


    ISU did the same thing in last 3 years.  Assume they felt why change what had worked


    Hope this streak continues like to see a really unexpected win


    Like I said last week, Oklahoma State will not rush 3 and drop 8 into coverage the way Iowa State did last week…

    Doege looks mediocre against Oklahoma State’s 4-man front because he cannot execute under pressure.


    On the last sack, OSU brought 5 then moved another 2 up into the gaps.  Covered our 3 WR’s with 4 and we still couldn’t hit them.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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