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    Huggins said “We’re not afraid to play anybody.”

    The schedule shows it.

    Huggins arranged to make #1 Gonzaga a last-minute opponent and lost only 82-87.

    WVU beat #5 Texas 72-70.

    WVU beat #10 Texas Tech 88-87.

    WVU lost to #15 Kansas 65-79.

    WVU lost to #24 Oklahoma 71-75.

    That’s 2-3 against Top 25 teams!

    And the loss to Gonzaga was by 5 points with WVU leading late in the game and to Oklahoma by 4 points.

    “We’re not afraid to play anybody!” should be banner hanging from the WVU Coliseum roof!

    WVU earned its #11 status.

    And it isn’t over yet.

    Huggins Heroes may be ready for a March Madness run in Indianapolis (all 68 teams will be playing every game in that city).



    We lost to Texas, should have won but we didn’t. We’re also the last team to beat #2 and Undefeated Baylor


    This should be great prep for the postseason, but WVU has to win some of the games too. Next two are critical, because the next six-game stretch is beyond brutal.


    We’ve never been afraid to play the best in football and basketball during the entire history of those programs.  We’ve never been afraid to take on Duke or Kentucky in BB or Penn State or Ohio State in FB.  (But I still believe in scheduling for success.  A game now and then against Robert Morris or one of our old Southern Conference nemeses gives you chance to get PT for guys who need it, and a rest for guys that need it).


    All about balance – agree with you OGE. Don’t load up on them, but can’t play 11 non-cons against the BB top 25 or every football non-con against the P5.


    Playing the big dogs is always good for TV and attendance.  But you can’t play all your OOC games that way.  Need a few let’s get ready games to get your feet on the ground and get the bench guys some floor time.  Could have used another KSt type game or two that weren’t so tough earlier this year.


    Texas Beat WVU 72-70 on a final shot. WVU has to play conference opponents so no way to say he’s chicken or not chicken in that.


    You’re right about losing to Texas which still is remarkable. I guess I wanted to wipe that game-winning shot out of my mind. But McBride gave me a game-winner a few games later that gave me a peaceful night’s sleep.


    Peaceful night sleep CFE?????  You posted this at 3:05 AM.


    Unfortunately, I sleep in chunks. So I get creative when I wake up. But after McBride’s shot I slept like a baby. I get my 8 to 10 hours of sleep, just not in a row. The price of being 88.


    That’s not a price, CFE, that’s a blessing!


    “Slept like a baby”

    Woke up every two hours crying? 🙄🙈

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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