What happened to the team that played vs NCSt?

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    That week was a turn around week for this team.  Thought we were moving in the right direction.  Our O had a breakout game.  Our D held NCSt when needed.  Even though TX was ranked #11 and ISU is a very good team, watching the games the last two weeks showed us that we didn’t make the breakthru that I thought was going to happen.  Our D stepped up at times but just couldn’t hold them when we needed to.  Way too many 3rd and long turned into 1st downs.

    Let’s face it.  It will take Brown a few years to turn this boat around.


    There’s a possibility that both Texas and Iowa State were much better than NCState..


    Texas and ISU are way better than NC State. I thought NCSt was pretty good when WVU played them, but watching them during the off week, they aren’t.

    That said, there is still progress being made. I’m not saying WVU will be 11-1 next year, but it is getting better. I think “a few years” is a pretty big overreaction to last week’s game.

    These injuries have hurt a lot. I would have loved to have seen how the ISU game would have turned out if Kendall had not gotten hurt.




    ACC is awful outside of Clemson and NC State is a mid level team.

    If we can get some form of offensive line in place for next season I honestly believe you’ll see a huge jump.

    While I’d like to see some LB production (Chandler hasnt lived up to the billing) that looks encouraging the fact is we should be rather solid or even very good on the line and in the secondary based on recent showings from the youngsters.


    UT & Iowa State are better football teams than NC State for sure.  WVU is not very deep, so the injuries are showing as well.  Even some of our “older” pllayers do not have much real experience; so yes, it’s gonna take several years to right the ship.


    I will be shocked if this team doesn’t turn it around next year.  I will also be surprised if they get to 6 wins this year, but it’s possible.  Patience is a virtue.  Don’t give up on these guys yet.  They won’t win in October, but November has some winnable games assuming injuries don’t mount.


    Koenning is harping on something that disturbs me a bit.  He seems to be saying that some of the older ones may not be completely bought in to the program.  Don’t know if this is his way of motivating or if there are indeed some issues boiling.  I hope it is just his way of lighting a fire . . .


    It just seems that this team isn’t playing with the intensity that it did vs NCSt.  We are making plays at times on both sides of the ball, but the consistency isn’t there.  Looks like we are just getting worn down in the 2nd half and not digging down to get that second effort.  Playing a lot of FR may be part of the problem because they just aren’t physically ready to go the distance yet.  And we are lacking depth at many positions…… especially with the upper classmen.  Knowing that UT and ISU are better teams, I just didn’t get the same feeling that we really wanted it like we did vs NCSt.


    I read an interview from Coach K today and he said that players haven’t completely bought in, but because of depth he can’t replace them in the line up. If we had more players and less injuries I would presume those individuals would be pushed down the starting line up.

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