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    See that Tate Martell, who chose Miami over WVU as his transfer destination, has been beaten out for the starting QB job with the Canes by RS freshman Jarren Williams.

    Just shows that the transfers coming in aren’t always going to automatically be the starting QB.

    I’m not saying this relates to WVU’s current QB competition, which the coaches insist is still ongoing, but it is something to consider.


    How does the transfer timing work? Are guys like Martell
    and other transfers officially enrolled somehow before
    school starts? Could they just leave and say they never
    really transferred? Do they sign something?


    He seems like a bit of a punk.  Would we even want him?


    Martell, like WVU’s Austin Kendall, enrolled at Miami last January, so he took classes there throughout the spring and summer.


    I’m not positive how good a quarterback Austin Kendall will be for the Mountaineers, but I’d say WVU ended up on the positive side of the Tate Martell-of-Austin Kendall transfer option, if for no other reason than attitude.

    Reminds me of some other “What Might Have Been” situations for West Virginia that worked out pretty well for the Mountaineers:

    John Beilein instead of Dan Dakich

    Geno Smith instead of Tajh Boyd

    Don Nehlen instead of Lee Corso

    Any other suggestions for that list?


    Bob Huggins instead of ???

    Did Pastilong have any backups if Huggins hadn’t come?



    WVU was all in on getting Huggins when Beilein left. Obviously, they would have had to go to someone else, but to my knowledge there wasn’t any vetting going on or serious contact with anyone else.

    And, it was sort of a narrow thing. Huggs sat on the plane on the runway in Kansas while agonizing over whether to leave K-State after just one year. It bothered him to leave the Wildcats in a lurch. To me, that’s another positive recommendation of his character, that he would be concerned about that while having the offer for his dream job in hand.


    Those are pretty good ones.

    Geno over Boyd could be argued I suppose as Boyd was pretty successful at Clemson abut the Orange Bowl game really skews that one in Geno’s favor. Speaking of Geno, he’s about to be cut if not already.

    The coaching examples jump out as WTF alternatives given the successes of our guys and the lack of future success of the others.


    The coaching angle is  good one. If memory serves, Bill Mallory was also in the mix for the WVU job when Nehlen was hired. I think that was in a slim book called ‘I’m Nobody Special’ that former Charleston Daily Mail writer Bill Smith wrote about Nehlen.


    TonyAlto wrote:

    Bob Huggins instead of ???

    Did Pastilong have any backups if Huggins hadn’t come?


    Pastilong didn’t have a plan, let alone a backup for much of anything he did.


    Eddie called Huggs right after Beilein decided to leave, asked him if he was ready to come home. Huggs thought about it for a short period and then said yes. Where was the need to publicize a backup plan? For a A.D. who had no backup plans, he did pretty good finding a third option when first Huggins and then Dan Dakich turned him down in 2002.


    Your recollection of a third option may be a little slanted.  IIRC the BE stepped in and practically handed us Beilein.  That was the basic message that was being printed by ESPiN and other outlets.  Someone in the BE office (commish?) made the Beilein inquiry and handed him over to WVU.


    My recollection of the Catlett replacement is a bit different than what Greg suggests as well including Huggs not being considered due to someone other than EP.


    We should feel blessed that we got 2 talented and experienced head coaches back to back.


    No doubt, two HOF coaches back to back is nothing to sneeze at.


    Would Daxter Miles and Jevon Carter instead of Eron Harris and Terry Henderson qualify?


    Close enough westside… like it!


    Westside.   I was always a fan of Henderson.  Starter after the first couple games FR year mostly because of his D.  I can see why he felt he had to leave after the purge then his running mate thinking he was much better than he was and mouthing off about wanting to be the PG his SO yr while playing in the Pgh summer league that summer before.

    Terry didn’t have the attitude of Eron.  It was a complete surprise when he left to go back home.   His back spasms were a big problem.


    I love Henderson and really thought he had serious NBA potential. Hated losing him but just reinforces the need to get rid of the bad apple (Harris) before it spoils the group.



    Pastilong didn’t have a plan, let alone a backup for much of anything he did.


    That is truly unfair to Ed Pastilong and you can have your opinions which I hope have some semblance of real knowledge and interaction rather than the blather of other folks.

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