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    If Holgs were to leave, who would your first pick be?

    My #1 choice would be Jimbo. Now that he’s been forced out of his dream job at FSU and banned to the SEC Aggie wasteland in TX some would think he’d be in position to come back home. But……. we can’t even come close to his 10 year $75 million contract. Money talks, bullshit walks. My #1 choice has a snowball’s chance in hell of coming to Morgantown so let’s go to #2.

    #2 and this may cause some controversy is Lane Kiffin. Yes he has baggage…… and lots of it. Bolting from Tenn after 1 year amongst some controversy caused because he speaks his mind. Getting fired at USC after a mediocre 3rd season and a bad 4th. He redeemed his offensive prowess for 3 years at Bama. Then took over a dismal Florida Atlantic and made them into a 11-3 season and #1 in CUSA east. This guy can coach. Baggage or not, he can coach.


    No. Just no.


    I would go back to the Product first. And I would never do that. No Kirin.


    Not that I think HCDH is going anywhere, but I’d take a long look at Tony Gibson. I know people will say he doesn’t have any HC experience, but he checks every other box in my mind. Great with the media, relates well with the population and alums, knows the state. And oh yeah, he can coach.


    Gibby would have to at least be considered.


    Never in a million years thought I could get behind Gibby as a HC but things change.


    Josh Heupel would be an interesting candidate. Young guy that is doing wonders at UCF. Part of the Stoops coaching tree. Great offensive mind.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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