Who stays for their Covid extra year?

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    Doesn’t McNamara have another year?

    They have 5* JJ McCarthy on the bench.


    Dumb idea. Pro scouts said he should play another year. Then, if not drafted could possibly get on with CFL. No one, including Doege, knows what another year will bring.

    One thing is known, if he returns and keeps (which I think he will) his starter status, he will be high up on most Mountaineer QB rankings.


    USC for Rattler ?


    Rattler will not go to USC


    Unless it’s the other USC


    So you are selectively taking a second hand report from a sideline “reporter” during a game, and discounting what Doege himself said?



    Something just doesn’t feel right about Rattler.  I have nothing solid to base that on except “gut”.  What I see in that situation at OK was something came unglued.  Rattler was basically entrenched as “the man”, until he wasn’t?


    I married an OU alum, and as a result get to watch most of their games.  My wife and her dad are as big into their side of things as I am, so they follow things closely.  We have no inside info, however.

    To me, Rattler seemed to have a large amount of raw talent.  His arm strength, and release speed, are fantastic.  His issue seemed to be confidence.  I don’t know if that was a not meshing issue, or he just doesn’t have it.

    So I’m certainly not suggesting Rattler is the answer, or that he doesn’t have issues.  I think it’s possible he could land somewhere and do great, but just as likely, if not more likely, he’s what he is – shows flashes of great with a lot of mistakes in between.  I’d take a shot on that, given the upside.

    I never saw anything that made me think he was a cancer, so that comment surprised me.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t good reason to think that.  I’m a casual OU watcher.  I’d just like to know where that stemmed from since Duece is usually spot on with his analysis.


    Rattler is prolly looking for a program with a great set of receivers. Check….. Good running game to offset his arm. Mathis and 4* FR with an incoming 4* Portal. Check….. And an OL that can block. Ours is coming along with this very young and talented OL. Almost a full Check. …. And an OC that puts together a great game plan that utilizes his strengths and stays away from his weaknesses. Um …. OK, you got me there.

    WVU has a respectable receiving corps, but it’s a long way from great. The running game has been wildly inconsistent. Don’t take the result against KAnsas as a lot other than going against a terrible run defense. The offensive line has improved somewhat, but it’s still a long way from almosts a full check.

    Finally, WVU’s offensive coaching staff does indeed put together a plan that highlights strengths and tries to avoid weaknesses. The screen game, the use of the RBs, the formations, motion and tight end usage in blocking are all indicative of that, even though you may not like it.


    Kevin, you are usually a little more positive when commenting on our players.  Just saying that we have talent across the board and it’s young talent getting better every game.  Bringing in a highly talented QB that has some mobility could lift the O across all positions.

    And we can agree to disagree about the coaches.  Yes they use screens, motion and even sometimes a TE.  But they also pull the 3rd and long Dandy Don draw from our own 8 yd line, deep pass on 2nd and long to make 3rd and long almost every time.  Knowing the rush is coming and calling a play that takes time to develop.

    I don’t profess to be a coach but knowing Doege’s limitations we seem to walk away from what is working way too often.

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