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    There are 65 Power-5 conference schools.

    Why not set up a March Madness-like bracket every season?

    Have #64 and #65 have a play-in game to reduce field to 64 teams.

    Schedule all 64 teams in advance as #1 vs. #64, #2 vs. 63, etc. the first week of the playoffs.

    In the 2nd week, the 32 winners are paired and the 32 losers.

    In the 3rd week, the 16 winners are paired, the new losers are paired, all 64 teams play.

    In the 4th week, the 8 winners are paired and the rest paired by their rankings at that time based on how they did in the games so far.

    In the 5th week, the 4 winners are paired and everyone else lined up according to how they did in the brackets.

    In the 6th week, the 2 winners are paired for the national title game and everyone else lined up according to how they did in the brackets.

    That leaves 6 weeks to schedule non-conference teams.

    The current season’s W-L outcomes determine how the teams are ranked in the following season so they will know in advance who they play in week 7 to start this climb to a true national champion.

    I know, too logical. But think of the suspense from week to week as the 6 Saturdays of the Power 5 tournament are played out! 



    A simpler format was discussed on here.FCS schools who win their conference are automatically in the playoffs.Regardless of W-L record.


    For one reason among many, scheduling logistics for this would be a nightmare.


    Bowl games won’t give up slots around New Years.  Bowl money drives post season.


    With all due respect, my first thought when reading this was of a clusterf__k.  Sorry, but this would be an unworkable mess.


    Yep, 65 is a pipe dream.  Nice to think this would happen, but no way.  It was hard getting to 4.  Next step should be 8 with 5 P5 champs and at least 1 auto G5.   Would be great to go to 16 but that may also be dreaming.  Bowls >>>>>> NO, ESPiN who controls almost every bowl >>>>> dictate how and where the money flows.  They will not give up the best games around NYD to shove the better games back into mid Dec.  That just won’t fly.  No way will they be able to justify filling 12 games around NYD with teams that aren’t in this top 8.  Seeding teams would be a problem for most bowls.


    Incorporate the bowls as sites for the 6th week of the playoffs.


    The playoffs would determine the top teams. Rose, Cotton, Sugar and Orange bowls could rotate getting the top teams on the 6th week of the playoffs. That would guarantee them #1 through #8.

    Think outside the box. And no one could complain that the national champ didn’t earn its title because they did it on the field for 6 weeks! 


    Like I said, you’re not going to get ESPiN to give up all the slots immediately around the NYD 6 bowls.  No way are they going to give up the money they make on those bowls.


    Tell can televise them and make even more money than they do now. March Madness proved that the formula works!


    Read that and my head almost blew off


    Hey Butlereer and CFE. You could eliminate 2 regular season games. Now hear me out on this. Teams would still play 12 games except the first round teams. 10 conference games then the first round games would be held at the highest ranking teams home field. FCS does that now.  A certain number of teams would get at least a first round bye.
    But again CFE you stand a better chance getting a free ride on a SpaceX flight than that happening

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