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    2nd half complete collapse IMO can be focused on one thing MU did that we didn’t do.  Here are the stats that really jumped out and tells it all.

    Assists in the 2nd half  MU 14.  WVU 5.

    Assists in the 1st half  MU 6.  WVU 9.

    MU moved extremely well without the ball in the 2nd half.  They were aggressive driving to the basket.  They passed the ball well when we moved in to help.  They had guys in the corners open on almost every play because we didn’t rotate properly.  All of this showed up in the assist number.

    Move the ball well, get the D moving, hit the open man with the 2nd and 3rd pass and it works out well.  We were completely disrupted in our D because Shaka had their guys in the right place at the right time with and without the ball.  And it showed up in the Assist category.  It also helped that they shto 61.5% from 3.  IMO that again was a result of being aggressive with the ball and movement without the ball then the ball handler knowing how and when to dish it out.

    Huggs needs to go back and watch some of the Beilein games.  Those teams moved extremely well without the ball.


    Agree with ball movement by Beilein teams… Huggins does not emphasize hopping before catching the ball on two feet and establishing a pivot foot the same way as Beilein. Also, Osabuohien did not play as well in this second game as he did in the first either. He was inserted into the game in the second half when our offense couldn’t get rolling… Bridges is the better option.


    Gabe reverted back to his old style under the O rim.  That double fake just gives the D time to stuff him.  Love his hustle and D away from the basket, but he is a huge liability on O.  Looked like he started to change that in the first couple games, but this one was completely different.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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