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    My thoughts.
    Although we won by 48 I don’t think we played well other than the starters.
    JC didn’t take a single shot.
    West got hot after missing his first two
    Harris was good on the glass with 9 rb and from the floor 7-9.
    Miles was just OK
    Konate only played 14 but was dominating inside with much smaller players

    Bench play wasn’t very good
    Allen was the only one that pushed everybody playing hard every play taking good shots 8-8 from the floor 3-3 from deep
    Bolden just couldn’t get it going and sprained his ankle late in the game
    Hunter had 12 pts and 7 rebounds. Hustled under the bucket but IMO he was back on the playground in NYC on O. When he got the ball he was off and running. 5-11 with 3 to’s. Had chances to set up plays but instead it was 1 on 1 to the rim.
    Harler was cold from the floor 1-5 and 0-3 and was just OK on D
    Bender started off very aggressive collecting 3 fouls in the first few mins. This limited his PT and he wasn’t as aggressive the rest of the game until the last 2 mins when he and Routt were in at the same time. Bender played the wing while Routt was in the paint. Last min Bender put it on the floor from the corner and drove to the paint for a slam. His elbows were above the rim
    Routt played the best I’ve seen. Got some garbage rebounds and a couple short buckets. Didn’t look as lost as he normally did. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from the ft line going 1-6.

    Overall not a good showing from the bench other than Teddy Buckets.
    We turned them over 16 times. We had 14 to’s.

    On the other side, Wilson and Highsmith are players.

    The refs let them play….


    I didn’t get to see Bender put it on the floor late, but that sounds encouraging.

    Both he and Routt looked very weak with the ball. I’d like to see both of them just smash somebody some time. They need to break out of their non-aggression shells.


    I don’t see Hunter staying next year. Doesn’t seem to know how he can fit in the system. Harris though, he could be very good and Teddy could be a star.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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